React is a JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces. Key features include a declarative approach to views, a virtual DOM, and the ability to selectively re-render components.

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    Nginx gives 502 Bad Gateway when proxying to nodejs app running on different docker container

    I am using docker compose to create 2 containers one for application running on Nginx and another for backend application on Nodejs(running on another port 4000) with routes of patterns "/org-metadata/, /proxy-api/, /...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, I've tried testing your setup, what fixed the problem at my end was adjusting this part in the Nginx config: upstream backend { server; } To: upstream backend { ser...
    2 By rgth Nginx Docker Node.js React
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    Django, React, Docker: Bad Request 400 when connecting to Django app.

    I am trying to set up a Django back-end, with a React front-end, both running inside a Docker container, using docker-compose to expose them at different ports (8000 for the Django app, 3000 for the React app. When I ...
    Accepted Answer: Here was the problem: Apparently using the .env file -- even after placing print(ALLOWED_HOSTS) to ensure the host was found -- does not actually work for some reason. I simply had to restore the ALLOWED_HOSTS setting...
    1 By jakuta Python Django React Docker
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    How can I add to a single droplet two applications (server (spring boot) and client (ReactJs) ?

    I'm research about DigitalOcean tool, and I would like to know if is posible create two applications in a single droplet. I have a Spring Book Kotlin Api and a Reactjs Client. Can you help me please to know what i sho...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @ItsRicmor, Yes, it's entirely possible to add as many applications on a droplet as you wish. To setup both applications, you'll first need to install NodeJS on your droplet. Luckily, DigitalOcean has a pretty good...
    1 By ItsRicmor API Applications React Java
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    How do I get a built React app to run?

    Hello all, I followed the way to create an Ubuntu 18.04x and add Nginx to it, I then went into my server block and cloned my react app repo. I pointed my root at /var/www/ but when I restart...
    Accepted Answer: First thing that I would do in this approach would be to try accessing the resource from the machine locally—so can you try that first and let me know if you can access it locally? 403 basically means that the ...
    1 By jarnold Nginx React Ubuntu 18.04
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    Securing Dockerized MERN app via HTTPS?

    I am building a MERN stack application in docker containers, deployed with docker-compose, as a personal project, which i will deploy. i am curious how i go about securing this. i know that i need to setup https betw...
    0 By tylerbeaumont123 Docker React Node.js Security DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers
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    React frontend (nodejs) and Ruby on Rails (w/ postgres db) backend on a single droplet?

    Is it possible to do a full stack React + Rails (w/ postgresql database) on a single $5/month droplet or do I need to have two separate droplets for frontend & backend?
    1 By GiancarloZ React Ruby on Rails
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    How to use extrapolate parameters?

    Thanks a lot, I have a question about Interpolate How to use the sysy, opi, sd parameters in the following description? value.interpolate either takes an object of the follow...
    0 By zejunking React
  • Question

    Configure nginx for nodejs backend and React frontend app

    I want to configure nginx to serve static React files, and listen for requests on "", but I am not exactly sure how to do that. Any help is appreciated!
    1 By HauntedLollipop Nginx Node.js React Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    How to deploy a reactjs webapp (with mongodb) on nodejs droplet?

    I am using the droplet with the nodejs environment to deploy my organization's reactjs webapp, but I am unable to make a change on the "hello.js" file located in the /var/www/html/ directory. I followed the instructio...
    0 By ComidaForFamilias React Node.js Getting Started
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    500 Server Error on Nodejs and Ubuntu Droplet

    Hi, I have this droplet im using Nextjs as my main site with Strapi admin panel. I'm using openLitespeed to host them both on a single droplet. So I use forklift to upload both files to my droplet, I run npm install ...
    1 By RachelVB Node.js React
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    Nginx image issue when port removed from url

    I was following this tutorial: and when I get to the part about removing the the port number from the URL, the ...
    1 By mikedq1225 React Nginx
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    Why can I call api port from React app using ip address, but not when I use “localhost”

    I can call curl -s localhost:3030 from command line and get a good reply. But when I call using axios or fetch within my React app, I get net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. For example, this works: javascript"ht...
    3 By cyclops React
  • Question

    How to setup MobX with React Native and Unsplash API

    As i was following the resource on setting up MobX with React Native and unsplash API, i found out the resource was wrong, i ran into a number of issues such as Text not accepting a getFavorite function, was hoping so...
    0 By ikechifortune React
  • Question

    Using fonts, Fontawesome and another with React served through Apache 2.4.x

    I've created a React app connecting to a back end Rails API. Everything works great on my local machine when running react using the bundled development server. When I deployed to my Apache server it works but I hav...
    0 By bill.snapper React Apache
  • Question

    Countdown timer restarts when page is refreshed

    How can I stop my react countdown timer from resetting when the page is refreshed?
    1 By iceicebb React JavaScript
  • Question

    CORS settings not working on Spaces

    Hello! I am trying to upload a file to Spaces through the Javascript aws-sdk library. I have an <input type="file" onChange={handleFileUpload}/> element, with this handler: const onSelectFile = (e: any) => { if (...
    0 By h98 DigitalOcean Spaces TypeScript React JavaScript
  • Question

    How to solve CORS error when using DO Spaces, Django and react?

    Hello, I've been dealing with this for the past week and can't seem to find the root of the problem. I have a Django API with DRF, corsheaders enabled with CORSORIGINALLOW_ALL = True. I also have a React App on a diff...
    0 By adriangonzalezmontemayor React Django DigitalOcean Spaces Nginx
  • Question

    How do I set up my react app routes with nginx?

    I got some nginx code from Question ( which makes my proxy work, but I'm not sure what it's actually doing, ex...
    0 By davidalexthompson Nginx React Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    nginx too many redirects

    I have a nodejs app made with react running on port 80, I have a domain and enabled ssl with certbot, i'm using reverse proxy to access the app backend service and also I have a ghost server running locally and i'm us...
    1 By paulomarcio18p1 Nginx Ghost React
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    How to upload images from React Native to Spaces

    i just activated my spaces and want to configure my react native to upload images to spaces, but couldnt find any tutorial matches my requirement, can someone guide me towards exact steps how to upload an image or mul...
    0 By malikmazhar React