Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (also known as RoR, or simply as Rails) is a server side model-view-controller framework written in Ruby.

featured tutorialHow To Set Up a Ruby on Rails Project with a React Frontend
In this tutorial, you will create a Ruby on Rails application that stores your favorite recipes in a PostgreSQL datab...

Chuks Opia • Published on August 8, 2019

featured tutorialHow To Install Ruby on Rails with rbenv on Ubuntu 18.04
Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular application stacks for developers looking to create sites and web apps. Usin...

Lisa Tagliaferri, and Brian Hogan • Published on July 13, 2018

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    • Question

      Job component in app platform to run rails migrations and this error occurs - URI::InvalidURIError: bad URI(is not URI?): ${db.DATABASE_URL}

      I have a rails app with a managed development database and I am trying to add a job to migrate my rails app before each deploy. I set the environment variable DATABASE_URL with a value of ${db.DATABASE_URL}. But it se...
      No answers yet0 days agoBy Drew TerryDigitalOcean App PlatformDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL DatabaseRuby on Rails
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up Ruby on Rails with Postgres

      This tutorial helps with setting up Ruby on Rails with Postgres.
      9 days agoBy Alex GhiculescuRuby on RailsPostgreSQLRubyDevelopment
    • Question

      Installing libvips on App Platform

      I am trying to install libvips to analyse the uploads in a rails application.At first I tried adding a build command, but after following up the community discussions I created a docker file named “Dockerfile” in the ...
      1 answer3 months agoBy mail.abhisheksisodiaDigitalOcean App PlatformDockerRuby on Rails
    • Question

      Gem not found error when deploying monorepo to App Platform

      Hi, I am using App Platform to deploy a Ruby on Rails API backend.Rails version : 7.0.2Ruby version : 3.1.1 When I deploy my backend on App Platform both build and deploy phase are working properly. I am switching to ...
      1 answer3 months agoBy adrilefDeploymentDigitalOcean App PlatformRubyRuby on Rails
    • Tutorial

      How To Automate Ruby On Rails Application Deployments Using Capistrano

      In this tutorial, we are going create a rock-solid CentOS server to host Ruby-on-Rails applications using Nginx and Passenger. We will continue with learning how to automate the process of deployments—and updates—usin...
      3 months agoBy O.S. TezerRuby on RailsRubyCentOS
    • Tutorial

      How To Install Ruby on Rails with RVM on Ubuntu 20.04

      A popular web application framework, Ruby on Rails (often referred to as Rails) was designed to help you develop successful projects while writing less code. RVM lets you manage and work with multiple Ruby development...
      4 months agoBy Lisa Tagliaferri, Tony TranRubyRuby on RailsUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      Rails 7, ActiveStorage and Spaces.

      I am hitting a Aws::S3::Errors::NoSuchBucket. error when attempting to upload a file via a Rails 7.0.1 app with ruby 3.1 installed. This is unexpected given the rails documentation and indications given here in a comm...
      Accepted Answer: Hi there, Have you tried specifying only the name of the space itself rather than the whole FQDN: bucket: <^>static-images-reflektor<^> Let me know how this goes.Best,Bobby
      1 answer5 months agoBy jrp780586Ruby on RailsRubyDevelopmentDigitalOcean Spaces
    • Question

      GEM ?? How To Create Nested Resources for a Ruby on Rails Application

      Thank for your article, is awesomeSome gem that make this for many models nested ?I have for my application 50 tables (Models), is very difficult for each make all you explication…many time for development sorry for m...
      No answers yet6 months agoBy jungleandseaandmountainsRuby on RailsRubyDevelopment
    • Question

      Rails app on Nginx too err to many redirects

      I am trying to install an ruby on rails app using nginx, passenger and a digital ocean web server. But when I try to open the webiste, i get a too many redirects error: i think the error is to be found in my nginx con...
      1 answer8 months agoBy robywarsRuby on RailsNginx
    • Question

      Is it possible to use Spaces in existing project?

      I have existing Rails project and want to use Spaces. I worrying about existing files uploaded on the server. Please suggest any solutions?
      1 answer8 months agoBy pavanShrimpRuby on RailsRubyDevelopmentDigitalOcean Spaces
    • Tutorial

      How To Install Ruby on Rails with rbenv on Ubuntu 20.04

      Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular application stacks for developers looking to create sites and web apps. Using rbenv will provide you with a solid environment for developing your Ruby on Rails applications as ...
      9 months agoBy Brian Hogan, Lisa Tagliaferri, Jeanelle HorcasitasUbuntuRubyRuby on RailsUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      How do I use docctl to control container command?

      I’m looking to automate my deploy. Right now I build a Docker image, then push it to the registry on command line. Then I change the Tag from here. However this is probably not the ideal wa...
      1 answer9 months agoBy overloadRuby on RailsPaaS
    • Question

      No production.log file in Rails App on Digital Ocean App Platform

      There is not production.log platform for our Rails app on the Digital Ocean App Platform. Is there a way to enable and access the production.log file without going through the dashboard console for Rails applications ...
      1 answer10 months agoBy michael1025401Ruby on RailsDigitalOcean App Platform
    • Question

      Spaces CDN with Rails Active Storage

      I’m using Active Storage in a Rails 6 application with Spaces. I use “local” file storage for development and Spaces for production. I’d like to use the Spaces CDN feature, which I believe is possible with Active Stor...
      No answers yet10 months agoBy jtsmithDigitalOcean SpacesCDNRuby on Rails
    • Tutorial

      How To Use ActiveStorage in Rails 6 with DigitalOcean Spaces

      Save images to DigitalOcean Spaces with Rails 6 and Active Storage
      10 months agoBy Nik WakelinDigitalOcean SpacesRuby on RailsDevelopmentRuby
    • Question

      How to Run Recurring Rake Tasks in Rails App on App Platform

      I am really interested in moving a Rails app to the App Platform. This app is currently running on a dedicated droplet and has two rake tasks that are executed daily via cron. I was wondering if anyone has run into so...
      1 answer10 months agoBy lgfalerDigitalOcean App PlatformRuby on Rails
    • Question

      Deploy Dockerised Rails app

      Hi, I’ve been looking into Docker recently, mainly for wanting to try it for development. I’m still working on getting my app working in Docker in dev, but as an extra thought, I wondered about whether I could use thi...
      1 answer11 months agoBy NeilRuby on RailsDockerDeployment
    • Question

      i have created database and tables in postgres pgadmin want to connect to my new rails app

      i have created database and tables in postgres want to connect to my new rails app. Also after connecting it how can i run migrations or show all data that was in those tables in rails console. like User.all()
      1 answer12 months agoBy parthtanna1234Ruby on RailsPostgreSQLRubyUbuntu
    • Question

      How do i properly configure Cors for my rails API for backend and react for the frontend?

      How do i properly configure cors for my app which includes a rails API for the backend and react for the frontend? The frontend is a static component on the same paid application as the API.
      1 answer12 months agoBy contehbubRuby on RailsReact
    • Question

      SignatureDoesNotMatch PUT-ing to SignedUrl using ActiveStorage

      Hello, I am currently trying to implement an image upload feature within the application I’m working on and trying to take advantage of Rails ActiveStorage and DigitalOcean Spaces. I am generating a presigned-url from...
      No answers yet1 year agoBy fl0wymitch3llRuby on Rails