Sinatra is a free and open-source web application library and domain-specific language written in Ruby, designed for the speedy creation of web applications.

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  • Tutorial

    How To Install And Get Started With Sinatra On Your System Or VPS

    Sinatra is a simple and lightweight web framework written in Ruby. This article assumes you know basic Ruby and have Ruby and RubyGems installed on your system or cloud server.
    By Maxwell Bernstein Sinatra Ruby
  • Tutorial

    How To Deploy Sinatra Based Ruby Web-Applications On Ubuntu 13

    In this DigitalOcean article, we will learn a couple of different ways to take your Sinatra application out of its hidden box and share it with the world on Ubuntu using different and interesting technologies and meth...
    By O.S. Tezer Sinatra Ruby Apache Nginx Ubuntu
  • Tutorial

    How To Install Ruby 2.1.0 And Sinatra On Ubuntu 13 With RVM

    In this DigitalOcean article, we are going to learn how to install the latest available version of the official Ruby interpreter (2.1.0) on a Ubuntu 13 droplet along with Sinatra web-application development library. A...
    By O.S. Tezer Sinatra Ruby Ubuntu
  • Question

    Backup WHM / CentOS

    How to backup WHM (Cent OS) remotely to the Spaces if this is correct ? and is it need to be set API ?
    Accepted Answer: Hi Jalal cPanel WHM has a S3 compatible backup option (which Spaces is). Check out this article for more details: Cheers
    2 By jnasser Linux Basics API Control Panels Sinatra CentOS
  • Question

    Setting up page caching for Sinatra/Puma on Nginx

    Ok, so... I have set up a droplet here in DigitalOcean with Ubuntu 18.04 for a Ruby/Sinatra website, using Puma + Nginx + SSL (via Let's encrypt). Everything works fine. However, since most (but not all) of my Sinatra...
    0 By yaniszaf DigitalOcean Nginx Sinatra Caching
  • Question

    Change default IP from "localhost" to ""

    I want to change my Default ip address to be How do I go about that?
    2 By ninetailschris Nginx Sinatra Ruby Ubuntu
  • Question

    How to transfer website from hostgator to Digital ocean?

    How can i transfer my website from hostgator to Digital Ocean any solution and easy solution i want.. mail me the whole process how to transfer and tell me also downtime of my website
    1 By yourgolu96co Sinatra Networking Ubuntu 16.04 Debian
  • Question

    Websocket 302 (redirect) error -Chrome -Opera NGINX server { listen; listen ssl; root /usr/share/nginx/html; index index.html index.htm; ssl on; sslcertificate /etc/ssl/cert...
    1 By ninetailschris Nginx Sinatra Ubuntu
  • Question

    How can I deploy a Sinatra app?

    I've transferred all files to my droplet. is still not responding. I assume it's because the Sinatra server isn't running. How can I resolve this?
    1 By amirhb Sinatra Ruby DigitalOcean Ubuntu
  • Question

    Mysql connect problem Getting an error of Unknown "MySQL server host 'hostname' (0) (DataObjects::SQLError)". Anyone have an answer to this problem? And if yes, what are the steps to go about fixing it.
    2 By ninetailschris Apache Ruby Sinatra MySQL Ubuntu
  • Tool


    Cyclid is an open source Continuous Integration system.
    By Cyclid Development Deployment Ruby Sinatra Git
  • Question

    HTTP Scheme and Not Secure. My request scheme to the server is showing its http and not secure. The problem is that I'm using https and my url is showing that but its still not secure. My config in apache. http://prn...
    1 By ninetailschris Apache Ruby Sinatra Ubuntu
  • Question

    How do I keep a Ruby process running in background?

    I've tried to use command "ruby app.rb&" . As far as I know, the mark "&" is use for keep my process running in the background that even I exit from ssh. However, as I exited, my program stop itself there. What shoul...
    1 By yiiiiilooooo Sinatra Ruby
  • Question

    Display Pages after everything is setup.

    I've setup my virtual host . Thin from Sinatra is running. . What am I missing to display my Sinatra pages. I'm getting no errors so it should be something small I a...
    2 By ninetailschris Sinatra Apache Applications Deployment Ubuntu
  • Question

    Nginx & Unicorn multiple sinatra apps not working

    Hello, I followed the response to this question: But, all requests to go directly to ! I've confirmed a different so...
    1 By scott.mennealy DNS Nginx Sinatra Ubuntu
  • Question

    Error using unicorn with sinatra application

    I have an ruby with sinatra application, and Im trying to run the server with unicorn. Im using the command: service unicorn restart service ngnix restart and in my logs I get: `` /usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-2.1.3/li...
    3 By weslleyaraujo20 Sinatra Ruby Nginx
  • Question

    Ruby only shows script (doesn't run)

    I am a complete noob and I'm sure I've done something wrong, but I'm at a loss in how to make it work. I've written a basic "Hello World" script and put it in my /var/www/html/sites directory on Centos. I've followe...
    1 By kbushong Sinatra Ruby Apache