Sinatra is a free and open-source web application library and domain-specific language written in Ruby, designed for the speedy creation of web applications.

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  • Tutorial

    How To Install And Get Started With Sinatra On Your System Or VPS

    Sinatra is a simple and lightweight web framework written in Ruby. This article assumes you know basic Ruby and have Ruby and RubyGems installed on your system or cloud server.
    By Maxwell Bernstein Sinatra Ruby
  • Tutorial

    How To Deploy Sinatra Based Ruby Web-Applications On Ubuntu 13

    In this DigitalOcean article, we will learn a couple of different ways to take your Sinatra application out of its hidden box and share it with the world on Ubuntu using different and interesting technologies and meth...
    By O.S. Tezer Sinatra Ruby Apache Nginx Ubuntu
  • Tutorial

    How To Install Ruby 2.1.0 And Sinatra On Ubuntu 13 With RVM

    In this DigitalOcean article, we are going to learn how to install the latest available version of the official Ruby interpreter (2.1.0) on a Ubuntu 13 droplet along with Sinatra web-application development library. A...
    By O.S. Tezer Sinatra Ruby Ubuntu