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  • Question

    Can't Login to server through user@ip

    I created a droplet this morning set the ssh key, I am able to login through root, but I am not able to login through the user I have created, I also put my user into super user group through the commad. usermod -aG...
    Accepted Answer: Did you restart sshd after setting PasswordAuthentication to yes? Cheers
    1 By srhassan23 Solutions Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    Adding An Additional Droplet To Be Managed By Another Droplet's WHM / CPanel

    Hi all, I did my research, but most of the articles on it seem to be from ~2014 or so. Feel free to redirect me to the correct article if this has been answered before. I have a DO droplet that is managed by WHM / CPa...
    1 By jordaneb7889d1ef51dce4de3b Applications Control Panels Scaling WordPress Solutions
  • Question

    filezilla sftp timeout problem

    I am running wordpress on ubuntu 18 in digitalocean and trying connect using filezilla with sftp protocol.I am using root user with password.The problem is i am always getting following error ``` Status: Connecting to...
    1 By freshuser DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls Ubuntu 18.04 WordPress Solutions
  • Question

    Can i use DigitalOcean to aid in Digital Forensics

    Is it possible to upload a Forensic Image (of say 2TB) to Digital Ocean and use forensic tools installed on a droplet to analyze and run Digital Forensics on the said image?
    0 By bowojori7 Solutions Storage
  • Question

    My dropplet is dead 1w ago, can't ssh need help!!

    I am extremely disappointed with the quality of your support. Server goes down 1w ago, due to a security issues. You block the network - ok, but I get NO information abut this.  Ticket #02894294 I have put 3 tickets a...
    1 By JuanMorris Solutions Scaling DigitalOcean Ubuntu
  • Question

    Why can't I reach our sites on mobile data?

    Two of our sites were recently moved to a different droplet on digitalocean, and since then I now have difficulty reaching the sites on mobile while using data. I have no issue reaching the sites on mobile while conne...
    1 By HavocHank Solutions
  • Question

    forward emails to non existing accounts to one central one in Postfix

    Hey guys, I have a (Linux) server running with Postfix as an email server. When registering to a new site I do not want to use a single mail twice so when my email gets leaked by a security breach at any site only thi...
    1 By ThoreTheWookie Messaging Email Security Solutions Initial Server Setup
  • Question

    How Correctly Set-Up The 301 Redirect Only for Main Website Page

    Hi everyone, I need help with not easy redirect situation regarding my two websites: So currently I have one website that works for example on this address: - on the general WordPress website ...
    2 By JeremyKen Apache DigitalOcean Solutions WordPress Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question


    Hello, I really need to know this. Can the bandwidth here or the configuration i chose affect the performance of the app? The app is a taxi on demand service app like UBER" and We are having lots of issues with the ap...
    1 By matrixtaxiserver Solutions Configuration Management Applications Data Analysis Databases Development React
  • Question

    Hello! I want users to be able to submit numerical data. Return the sum of a few functions and store and return that data and returnstore it

    Hello! I know what I want to do but don't know how to put the pieces together. * Build a database * Get data store and output * Have users access it whenever they want. ex... start mileage km | end mileage km | to...
    1 By aleflerdev JavaScript Databases PHP Node.js Solutions Ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    Droplet Connection Refused

    I have a droplet which lost connection randomly. I installed wildfly secured with letsencrypt ssl in this droplet. I have APIs providing data to some websites. However, randomly, APIs cannot respond and then, I tried ...
    1 By RoxanneTTL DigitalOcean Configuration Management Let's Encrypt Networking Solutions Getting Started Security Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    HAproxy generic redirect from{domain} to other servers

    We have nginx server that redirect service requests by servername using proxypass to upstream: nginx conf: server { server_name; .... location / { ..... proxy_pass http://Req...
    0 By kokoriko Nginx Solutions Ubuntu
  • Question

    Renaming a space

    I was wondering if there is anyway to change the DNS name of a space?
    1 By kevin19a457b007967f745ef01 Solutions Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    How to Migrate Rails Web Application on Droplet to AWS

    I am currently trying to migrate a rails web app on my digital ocean droplet to AWS. Is there a safe and easy way to do this?
    0 By zxing Ruby on Rails Applications Automated Setups Configuration Management DigitalOcean Solutions Server Optimization Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Static ip cant see in my ifconfig command using ubuntu 18.04 droplet

    Static ip cant see in my ifconfig command using ubuntu 18.04 droplet. How to reset the static ip configuration?
    1 By jrbanasca Solutions Configuration Management Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    How cai I setup a Droplet with Windows?

    I'd like to setup a Droplet with Windows. How can I do that?
    1 By lcgondellesm Solutions
  • Question

    Setting up a GoDaddy domain name with Heroku

    I'm new to using Heroku so I'm a bit confused because I initially had my website hosted on GoDaddy, but when I added node to my web app I switched to Heroku. So what is happening is when I visit my website using www. ...
    1 By aosipova562 Solutions
  • Question

    Use Quota in Ubuntu 16.04 in nromal way

    Hello, i was trying to setup quota for my ftp users on fresh Ubuntu 16.04 lunched droplet i was using this flow: but came to flowing...
    0 By armenmargaryan Linux Commands Solutions DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    My site may be under DDOS

    Добрый день! Характеристики моего дроплета: Ubuntu server 14.04.5 HDD 30 Гб RAM 2 Гб Varnish+Apache(PHP)+MySQL Интернет-магазин построенный на Magento2. У меня возникла проблема. За последние 2-3 дня мой сайт часто бы...
    1 By dannysusovic2016 Solutions Ubuntu