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  • Tool

    Adapting An Existing AWS S3 Application To DigitalOcean Spaces

    We set out to give WordPress users an easy solution to offload their Media Library to Spaces
    By MaxFoundry WordPress Object Storage
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    SlickStack is a free LEMP stack automation script written in Bash designed to enhance and simplify WordPress provisioning, performance, and security.
    By jessuppi WordPress Nginx Let's Encrypt One-Click Install Apps Server Optimization
  • Tool

    DigitalOcean Spaces Sync

    This WordPress plugin syncs your media library with DigitalOcean Spaces Container.
    By makiro WordPress Object Storage
  • Tool

    Media Cloud

    Automatically upload your WordPress media to DigitalOcean Spaces and serve directly or through CDN.
    By interfacelab WordPress Object Storage Storage Scaling
  • Tool

    WP Publisher

    A desktop app which helps speed up wordpress development and deployment on digitalocean servers
    By vivithemage LEMP WordPress One-Click Install Apps PHP Python
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    A bootstrapper for (DigitalOcean) Ubuntu-Nginx-CertBot-WordPress-Environment.
    By benqzq Linux Commands Nginx LEMP Scaling WordPress