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Building a Highly Available Infrastructure With Bunnyshell and DigitalOcean

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About the Talk

Explore how to build a reliable and highly available infrastructure on DigitalOcean with Bunnyshell, a second-generation cloud infrastructure solution for building and running production applications.

In this Tech Talk, Roxana Ciobanu, CTO of Bunnyshell, speaks about Bunnyshell’s partnership journey with DigitalOcean and Gomag. Bunnyshell relies on DigitalOcean’s cloud infrastructure, which allows their team to focus on delivering world-class service to their customers across the globe.

Aaron Geller, GTM Lead, Americas at DigitalOcean – speaks to how DigitalOcean products and services have enabled Bunnyshell’s customers to scale up seamlessly.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to achieve highly available infrastructure for your application
  • How to use Bunnyshell & DigitalOcean to build production-ready infrastructure for any application
  • How Gomag — an e-commerce SaaS solution with over 1,700 active online stores — solved their infrastructure challenges with Bunnyshell and DigitalOcean

This Talk is Designed For

  • Software developers
  • System administrators
  • DevOps


Some familiarity with cloud and basic infrastructure setup

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About the Presenters

Roxana Ciobanu
Roxana is CTO at Bunnyshell, a startup based in Romania. As a tech enthusiast, she is continually expanding her expertise in both cloud and non-cloud technologies. Her dreams are to achieve building highly efficient infrastructures as well as a highly meaningful life.

Aaron Geller
Aaron currently leads partnerships at DigitalOcean. Having worked across multiple teams at DigitalOcean with particular expertise in sales and business development, he’s passionate about developers, cloud, and helping people be successful. And when he’s not at his desk, he’s an avid outdoors enthusiast.

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