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    • Question

      Error 521 after reboot

      Hello, I’m using wordpress on ubuntu serverI edited the php.ini file through the console using sudo nano then I used reboot command but the website is showing 521 error and not working Kind regards
      1 answer6 months agoBy abdulazizaae-commerce
    • Question

      How to create a high-converting website ?

      How to design a high-converting landing page for the holiday season?
      5 answers6 months agoBy ngankim231e-commerce
    • Tech Talk

      Get Ready for Black Friday With a Highly Available Infrastructure

      Prepare your eCommerce website for large traffic spikes during the holiday season, scale sales, and grow your business along the way.
      6 months agoBy Austin Black & Roxana CiobanuTech Talkse-commerceHigh Availability
    • Question

      Installing ERPNExt manually following tutorial : error at step 5

      Good day all Following the install instructions below to install ERPNext on Ubuntu: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-an-erpnext-stack-on-ubuntu-18-04 I have used this tutorial before ( 1...
      No answers yet9 months agoBy jlonglandUbuntuMariaDBe-commerce
    • Tech Talk

      How to Scale Your E-Commerce Business With GoMage and DigitalOcean

      Prepare for the future of e-commerce — learn how to scale your business with progressive web applications (PWA) and Magento themes that are easy to install, maintain, and customize on DigitalOcean’s powerful server in...
      9 months agoBy Austin Black, Yuriy Protsiuke-commerceTech Talks
    • Question

      Which location for usage in Kuwait

      I currently have ERP Software hosted on Droplet based on Bangalore BLR1 Location. Is that optimal or should I move to a better location?ERP Usage is only in Kuwait.
      2 answers9 months agoBy themaimoone-commerceNetworkingBusiness
    • Question

      Bench new site got unexpected extra argument

      Hi, I tried following your guide to install erpnext on Ubuntu 20. However, it’s failing on this step - bench new-site your_domain --admin-password 'erpnext_admin_password' --mariadb-root-username sammy --mariadb-root-...
      1 answer10 months agoBy ganeshramUbuntuMariaDBe-commerce
    • Question

      Postfix/SMTP Connection timed out

      Hey, I’m a little frustrated and have no idea to solve this problem.I can’t send or receive emails from my server/droplet. I have a Ubuntu 20.04, postfix is running without errors. My mail.log shows this: ... postfix/...
      2 answers11 months agoBy cryptogenee-commerceEmailUbuntu 20.04Apache
    • Question

      Error 503 Backend fetch failed (Ubuntu 20.04 + Apache2)

      Hi everybody,I have a problem with my first droplet (Magento 2).[Magento 2 Open Source 1.3.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS)] I was following the complete process as described and Magento 2 was successfully installed (at least ...
      2 answers11 months agoBy cryptogeneUbuntu 20.04MySQLApachee-commerceInitial Server Setup
    • Question

      Setting up a simple shopping cart with Javascript

      Hi everyone, I am new to programming especially Javascript and am getting very frustrated with my Real Estate Project. I am trying to add a simple shopping cart and keep getting errors with the functionality part. Her...
      No answers yet1 year agoBy Dezigncat89JavaScriptAPIHTMLe-commerce
    • Question

      Setup of ERP Next v13 or upgrade to ERP Next v13

      Hello, Need help to upgrade from ERP Next v12 to v13? or Fresh installation of ERP Next v13? Thank You
      1 answer1 year agoBy lepchazMariaDBe-commerceNginxPHP
    • Question

      Help - My Shopify store is getting random add to carts and checkouts from Cilfton, New Jersey

      Hi all, I’m writing in hopes that someone could help me out. I have a Shopify e-com store that I’ve operated for the past 3 years. A little under a month ago, my marketing (Facebook Ads) and store analytics became ske...
      1 answer1 year agoBy samAxolotlSecurityVPNDigitalOceanFAQe-commerce
    • Question

      Setting Up SEO url's on Opencart.

      Hi, I am practicing on Nginx, Ubuntu for the last 3 years, now experienced many things in it. I used to spend a couple of hours reading first then installing the server.This time I tried on Marketplace LEMP Droplet in...
      1 answer1 year agoBy hisatnamInitial Server SetupCMSDigitalOcean 1-Click Apps MarketplaceLEMPe-commerce
    • Question

      Trying to Install ERPNext on Ubuntu 18.04

      STep5 of the how to install erpnext on ubuntu 18.04 using the digital cloud as a host.I get a unable to locate package.Is there any reason why ?
      1 answer1 year agoBy salimm485MariaDBe-commerce
    • Tech Talk

      Building a Highly Available Infrastructure With Bunnyshell and DigitalOcean

      How to use bunnyshell and DigitalOcean to achieve high availability through self-service infrastructure automation and build production-ready applications.
      1 year agoBy Aaron Geller, Roxana CiobanuTech TalksHigh AvailabilityBuilding a SaaSe-commerce
    • Question

      Where are the Login details after installation?

      This tutorial works for me, but where are the login details after finished installation?
      1 answer1 year agoBy betienMariaDBe-commerce
    • Tech Talk

      Doing E-Commerce Right: Magento on DigitalOcean

      A breakdown of eCommerce platform Magento’s individual architectural components, examining how they interact, and how to make them scalable.
      1 year agoBy Austin BlackTech Talksdeploy 2020e-commerce
    • Question

      How to remove Google My Business account permanently?

      Please do help me I am unable to remove my listing From the Search Engine.
      1 answer2 years agoBy Mike CData Analysise-commerce
    • Question

      Domain module Services is not activated

      In your example, during setup wizard, you choose Services as Domain in your company. Yet the domain Services is not shown in Dashboard desk when the setup process completes. I have the exact same problem. If I choose ...
      1 answer2 years agoBy goplayrookieMariaDBe-commerce
    • Question

      Which hosting/droplet will be suitable for a multivendor woocommerce site which has 18000 products and an average 500 per day traffic?

      Which hosting/droplet will be suitable for a multivendor woocommerce site which has 18000 products and an average 500 per day traffic?Vendors will be no more than 10Each Product has 3 Photos,Website is built on simple...
      1 answer2 years agoBy digibhaiDigitalOceanBillingCDNCMSDigitalOcean Articlese-commercePHPPHP FrameworksWordPress