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  • Tech talk

    How Companies and VCs Think About Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

    Most startup founders don’t start a company with the intention of ending it in an M&A, but it happens every day to companies large and small. Learn how you can make the process more simple, whether you are on the acqu...
    By Jade Wang Tech Talks Building a SaaS
  • Tech talk

    How To Migrate Any Cloud Application With Minimal Downtime

    How to perform a low or zero-downtime cloud migration of all or part of any application. Avoid vendor lock-in by practicing concepts that help you audit your infrastructure, plan and execute a migration, and build app...
    By Darian Wilkin Building a SaaS Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    Casting a Large Shadow: Leveraging Partnerships as a Small Startup

    Learn how to build a tech partnership program to reach a larger audience. Contentful, Cloudflare, and discuss how startups and more established companies can achieve even more, together.
    By Jade Wang, Andy Kaiser Tech Talks Building a SaaS
  • Tech talk

    Building a Highly Available Infrastructure With Bunnyshell and DigitalOcean

    How to use bunnyshell and DigitalOcean to achieve high availability through self-service infrastructure automation and build production-ready applications.
    By Aaron Geller, Roxana Ciobanu Tech Talks High Availability Building a SaaS e-commerce
  • Tech talk

    Tools to Scale Your SaaS Startup Painlessly, Featuring Cloudflare

    A fireside chat with Cloudflare product managers on scaling a SaaS product by improving application performance, and getting the most out of your cloud credits.
    By Jade Wang, Dina Kozlov, Brian Batraski Building a SaaS Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    Developing for Developers – Path to Fame, Money, and Happiness

    Opportunities for technologists to create developer-focused businesses; plus advantages to building them on DigitalOcean.
    By Raman Sharma Tech Talks deploy 2020 Startups Product Development Building a SaaS Building on DigitalOcean
  • Tech talk

    Happiness First: Ways to Develop Products in Record Time

    This talk helps startups stay away from over-engineering in the early stages of their projects by describing methods for keeping both people and businesses happy.
    By Nikita Savrov Building a SaaS deploy 2020 Tech Talks Startups Product Development
  • Tech talk

    Focus: The Art & Science of Not Doing Things

    How the Ghost team says no to things that add complexity in the face of overwhelming advice that doing so would lead to failure.
    By John O'Nolan Tech Talks deploy 2020 CMS Ghost Product Development Building a SaaS
  • Tech talk

    Doing This Cloud Thing Right – a Lap Around DigitalOcean Products and a Roadmap Preview

    An overview of the DigitalOcean cloud across IaaS, cloud native, and PaaS. Plus a sneak peek at what's next on the DigitalOcean product roadmap.
    By Apurva Joshi Tech Talks deploy 2020 Building on DigitalOcean Building a SaaS
  • Question

    Feature Request: More control over rebuilds in Digital Ocean App

    It would be helpful if there was more control over when DO App rebuilt. I would like to change environment variables without triggering a rebuild and the reason is: If I make changes to my code base which includes ad...
    Accepted Answer: Hey @midwaydevservices, Great idea, sounds like it'd be super useful! The best thing to do to get your voice heard regarding this would be to head over to our Product Ideas board and post a new idea, including as much...
    1 By midwaydevservices Building on DigitalOcean Building a SaaS DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    Does App Platform support Procfile?

    I can't find this info anywhere.
    1 By Nikasa1889 Building a SaaS
  • Question

    WordPress based Saas Deployment on DigitalOcean

    Good day, we were wondering if the following was feasible. We have built some WordPress themes & plugins but want to sell them as a packaged website to users, via a SAAS model. We'd like to use one of the DigitalOcean...
    1 By afcgooner Building a SaaS WordPress DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Tool

    Laravel Wave

    Laravel Wave is a Software as a Service Starter Kit that can help you build your next SaaS.
    By bobbyiliev Laravel Building a SaaS
  • Question

    Suggessted package for my StartUp

    Dear All, I need an advice from all of you on below: We are a startup where we built an ERP which is powered by WordPress and as it is more focused on eStore Specialize ERP so it utilized wooCommerce. We have around 3...
    1 By mohibsallahuddin Building a SaaS WordPress DigitalOcean
  • Question

    How To Set Up Django App on Apache With User With Their Own Subdomain And Their Unique Database on One Database Cluster?

    My idea is to deploy a django app on an Apache Server Droplet, which can have my users access the app with each user with their own unique subdomain example:, and so on, and each wi...
    1 By alimmillionaire Backups Building a SaaS Container Deployment Django Python Ubuntu 20.04 Startups DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
  • Question

    Website speed: DO, Code Igniter

    Hi there, I've installed a CodeCanyon(stack posts) CodeIgniter script on the basic Digital Ocean droplet. I have the main website: Domain registered at a Romanian company, the server has multiple ...
    1 By militaruconstantin Building a SaaS DNS PHP Frameworks
  • Question

    Am I doing Wrong? Multiple web applications on a single droplet with LAMP.

    Hi All, I have PHP web application (IE: ToDo List - (may be SaaS)), zipped and stored in out of /www folder with an sql file If a client subscribe using page system will create a directory for the c...
    2 By THAS PHP MySQL Apache LAMP Stack Building a SaaS
  • Question

    Will i got charge if have 2 accounts with Free Trial, but not use them?

    Will i got charge if have 2 accounts with Free Trial, but not use them? I dont have droplets there or something?
    2 By Aldin Apache Block Storage Building a SaaS