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    How To Set Up SSH Keys on Rocky Linux 8

    SSH, or secure shell, is an encrypted protocol used to administer and communicate with servers. When working with a Rocky Linux server, chances are you will spend most of your time in a terminal session connected to y...
    By Brian Boucheron, Jamon Camisso Rocky Linux Rocky Linux 8 Getting Started Linux Basics Security System Tools
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    Initial Server Setup with Rocky Linux 8

    When you first create a new Rocky Linux 8 server, there are a few configuration steps that you should take early on as part of the basic setup. This will increase the security and usability of your server and will giv...
    By Brian Boucheron, Jamon Camisso Rocky Linux Rocky Linux 8 Linux Basics Getting Started Initial Server Setup
  • How To Use Decorators in TypeScript

    Decorators are a way to decorate members of a class, or a class itself, with extra functionality. This tutorial covers creating decorators in TypeScript for classes and class members, and also how to use them.
    By Jonathan Cardoso TypeScript JavaScript Development
  • How To Limit and Paginate Query Results in Laravel Eloquent

    Laravel Eloquent has native methods to facilitate implementing pagination on database query results. In this part of the series, you’ll learn how to limit the number of results in a Laravel Eloquent query with the lim...
    By Erika Heidi Laravel PHP PHP Frameworks Databases
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    How to Create and Deploy Your First Eleventy Website

    Learn how to build a website with Eleventy (11ty), a static site generator that gives you simplicity and flexibility.
    By Ayooluwa Isaiah Getting Started Development DigitalOcean App Platform HTML
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    How To Create Queries in MongoDB

    MongoDB provides a robust query mechanism that makes it straightforward to define filtering criteria when retrieving documents. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to query MongoDB collections using a different range o...
    By Mateusz Papiernik MongoDB Databases
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    How To Install the Etherpad Collaborative Web Editor on Ubuntu 20.04

    Etherpad is a web application that enables real-time collaborative text editing in the browser. It is written in Node.js and can use a variety of database engines to store data. In this tutorial we will install Etherp...
    By Brian Boucheron Ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04 Node.js Applications SQLite
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    How To Set Up Laravel, Nginx, and MySQL With Docker Compose on Ubuntu 20.04

    This tutorial covers building a web application using the Laravel framework with Nginx as the web server and MySQL as the database all inside Docker containers along with configuration files for PHP, MySQL, and Nginx.
    By Faizan Bashir Ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04 Laravel PHP System Tools Docker Nginx MySQL Databases Container
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    How To Use Templates in a Flask Application

    Jinja is the templating language that Flask uses to render HTML templates. Using templates allows you to separate the business logic of your application from the presentation logic. These templates provide many featur...
    By Abdelhadi Dyouri Python Flask Development Python Frameworks
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    How To Set Up Time Synchronization on Ubuntu 20.04

    Accurate timekeeping is integral to modern software deployments. Without it, you may encounter data corruption, errors, and other issues that are difficult to debug. In this article, you will practice some general tim...
    By Justin Ellingwood, Brian Boucheron, Jeanelle Horcasitas Linux Basics System Tools Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu
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    How To Install Go on Ubuntu 20.04

    Go, sometimes referred to as "Golang", is an open-source programming language that was released by Google in 2012 and has become highly popular among developers. This tutorial outlines how to download and install the ...
    By Brennen Bearnes, Jeanelle Horcasitas Go Ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04
  • How To Create a Pull Request on GitHub

    This tutorial will guide you through making a pull request to a Git repository through the command line so that you can contribute to open-source software projects.
    By Lisa Tagliaferri Git Open Source Development
  • How To Contribute to Open Source: Getting Started with Git

    Open-source projects that are hosted in public repositories benefit from contributions made by the broader developer community, and are typically managed through Git. This tutorial will discuss the benefits of contrib...
    By Lisa Tagliaferri Development Open Source Git Conceptual
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    How To Process Images in Node.js With Sharp

    Digital image processing is a method of using a computer to analyze and manipulate images. This tutorial covers using the Node.js library sharp to read an image and extract its metadata, resize, change and compress it...
    By Stanley Ulili Node.js Custom Images Development
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    How To Install the Latest MySQL on Ubuntu 20.04

    In this tutorial, we will install the MySQL official apt software repository, then install the MySQL software itself, secure the installation, and finish up with testing that MySQL is running and responding to commands.
    By Brian Boucheron, Jeanelle Horcasitas Databases MySQL Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu
  • How To Rebase and Update a Pull Request

    This tutorial will guide you through some of the next steps you may need to take after you submit a pull request to an open-source software project.
    By Lisa Tagliaferri Git Open Source Development
  • How To Maintain Open-Source Software Projects

    This tutorial will take you through some tips for maintaining public repositories of open-source software. Being a leader of an open-source project comes with both technical and non-technical responsibilities to help ...
    By Lisa Tagliaferri Git Open Source Development Conceptual
  • How To Use Git: A Reference Guide

    This cheat sheet-style guide provides a quick reference to some of the more common Git commands you may use when managing repositories and collaborating on software.
    By Lisa Tagliaferri Git Open Source Development
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    TypeScript Mixins

    Here's a short primer on creating and using Mixins in TypeScript.
    By Alfred M. Adjei TypeScript
  • Conceptual article

    Understanding Order of Operations in Programming

    It's easy to take the order of operations for granted, because higher-level languages handle that for you. In this tutorial, we'll look at how that works at a lower level, and derive an algorithm for processing mathem...
    By Holly Lloyd Conceptual Development