Hatch for Startups

Welcome to your community of founders!

The DigitalOcean Hatch program is for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their startups to the next level. We provide the resources, mentorship, and support you need to succeed.

Hatch perks

As a Hatch member, you’ve also earned special discounts from our Hatch partners.

DigitalOcean Logo

DigitalOcean Support Plan

Get up to 15 months of free Standard tier support!

Stripe Atlas Logo

Stripe Atlas

Get 20% off Stripe Atlas!

Cloudflare Logo


Get 1 year of Cloudflare Enterprise for free!

Shortcut Logo (Formally known as Clubhouse)

Shortcut (FKA Clubhouse)

Get 2 months of Standard Plan for free!

Mercury Logo


Get $500 cash when you deposit $50k!

Cloud 66 Logo

Cloud 66

Mention you're in the Hatch program and get $500 in Cloud 66 credits!

Ovvy Logo


Mention you're in the Hatch program and get 90 days of free use!

Twilio Segment Logo

Twilio Segment

Get $50,000 in Segment credits for 1 year!

Retool Logo


Get 12 months of free Retool credits!

QuickNode Logo


Get up to $5,000 in QuickNode credits!

Bolster Logo


Get a $1,000 in Bolster credit!

Airtable Logo


Get a $2000 Airtable credit!

Notion Logo


Get a $1,000 credit toward Team or Enterprise plans!

Hubspot Logo


Get up to 90% off Hubspot in your first year!

Miro Logo


Get a $100 Miro credit!

Chargebee Logo


Get free use until $1MM in revenue/processed value!

100ms Logo


Get a $2,500 100ms credit!

Vowel Logo


Get 6 months of AI-generated meeting notes!

Paperspace Logo


Get 20% off Paperspace for 12 months!

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Content to get started

Learn everything you need to know about managed databases in our developer-friendly documentation.

Getting Started with DigitalOcean

General introduction to cloud computing

General introduction to cloud hosting

How to build a solid tech stack for startups and SMBs

Best practices for engineering teams in times of transition

Organic social media for startups: Secrets to success

Customer acquisitions for startups

DigitalOcean Community Glossary

When and how to make a business pivot

How to prioritize your product roadmap

How to hire a product manager for your startup

A product launch checklist for your next release

Cloud cost optimization: 10 best practices to reduce your cloud services bill

7 cloud migration best practices for your startup

Need to know more? Check out our SMB Hub.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see my credits?
We're currently experiencing an interface bug where users may not be able to see the credits in your account. You can email us at hatch@digitalocean.com to confirm that your credits have been applied to your account.
Why am I still getting charged an invoice even though I should have received DigitalOcean credits?
Your credits may be applied to the incorrect team account. Please email us at hatch@digitalocean.com with your DigitalOcean account's email and the email associated with the team you want your credits applied to.
How can I get priority support?
You can create a support ticket with our support team. If you are a Hatch customer, you will automatically get placed at the top of the queue. You can also ask your peers in #advice in Hatch&apoos;s Slack workspace, as they might have a solution to your question.
Can I get an extension for my credits?
Unfortunately, Hatch is a 12-month "use it or lose it" program, and we are unable to offer credit extensions.

Have a question?

Get your questions about Hatch answered by our dedicated Hatch team!