After deploying my NestJS api service, it started properly as seen on this screenshot of the deployment logs. But everytime, the health checks fails, which inhibits me from deploying.

I tried, according to the documentation, with a TCP health check, initally on my set port which was 3333, followed by the default port which is 8080, but both without success. I then went on and implemented a service health check route, under /api/health, but once again it still fails. You can take a look at my open-source config/project here.

It doesn’t seem to be giving any other information.. Please let me know how I can fix it, or how I can turn off this check.

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@gabrielbottari 👋

Thanks for sharing the open source project and config. I forked the project and deployed it via the .do/app.yaml. I hit the same failing health checks error that you described. The problem is a subtle one that we need to get better at surfacing in the platform. Notice at the bottom of the deploy logs that we see this from nestjs:

Server listening at

It’s listening on — so only connections targeting will be consumed. The resolution for this is to update the code to listen on instead (4e008e1). After making that update, it deploys successfully:

  • Thank you! Very appreciated

  • Hm, I’m having the same issue…

    Is there something specific we’re supposed to define in our server code for health checks? (I’m a mobile developer, but server newb.)

    If not, my Nest app has this line: await app.listen(3000);
    I don’t see any place is used, so I’m not sure if its a similar problem.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance:)

In case you have an app on NUXT. Configure the Nuxt.js server to see your site on deployment.

in nuxt.config.js

export default {
    server: {
     port: 8080, // default: 3000
     host: '' // default: localhost

in package.json

"config": {
    "nuxt": {
      "host": "",
      "port": "8080"

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