Articles that demonstrate a real-world use of DigitalOcean.

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  • Tutorial

    DigitalOcean Blueprints: Getting Up and Running with Node.js, MySQL Replication, and Cachet

    DigitalOcean Blueprints provide you with fast and flexible infrastructure to support you as you scale. You can leverage and incorporate Blueprints as part of your development workflow to spend more time crafting code ...
    By Kathleen Juell Blueprint DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls Block Storage Node.js MySQL Ansible Solutions Terraform Automated Setups Databases
  • Tutorial

    Blueprint: How Ghost Migrated From Dedicated Servers to DigitalOcean

    This DigitalOcean Blueprint article was written by Sebastian Gierlinger, a Senior DevOps Engineer at Ghost. It covers the steps that were taken to migrate the Ghost(Pro) infrastructure from dedicated servers to Digita...
    By Sebastian Gierlinger Blueprint Ghost Firewall Deployment Configuration Management DNS Scaling Ubuntu