Now officially named Container Linux, CoreOS is a minimalist open source linux distribution that is designed to be used in containerized and clustered deployments.

Relative to other linux distributions, CoreOS ships with a limited set of features that are focused on delivering functionality required by horizontally scalable and distributed architectures.

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      404 Not Found nginx/1.14.1 (CentOs)

      My site suddenly gave this error while it was running. How can I solve it? Please help! I have been getting this error for 1 month.(CMS Platform)
      1 answer2 years agoBy Kamil CanCoreOSNginxNode.js
    • Question

      How to create a droplet with an ignition script larger than 64kb?

      Hello, I am trying to install OpenShift on Fedora CoreOS machines.I uploaded the image from and generated my ignition files with the openshift-in...
      1 answer2 years agoBy Maxime ChambreuilCoreOSFedoraKubernetes
    • Question

      How to remove a Droplet cpu limit

      Our droplet is capped at 60% cpu usage. there is no cpulimit installed on our ubuntu linux droplet. Does anyone know where such a limit is setup. we have an 8cpu core 32 gb droplet and we need to let the cpu load go h...
      1 answer2 years agoBy Christine KayeDigitalOceanCoreOSUbuntu 18.04
    • Question

      What will happen after EOL of CoreOS?

      Hi, since our company is currently relying heavily on CoreOS and the EOL will come next week, I wanted to know what will happen further on, how far has the implementation of the successor “Fedora CoreOS” on your side ...
      Accepted Answer: Hi @zomilanovic , Once CoreOS Container Linux has reached its end of life, we will only allow creates via the API for a 30 day period after which we will effectively “retire” the image. If you will need to create a Dr...
      2 answers2 years agoBy zomilanovicCoreOSContainerFedora
    • Question

      CoreOS end of life May 26th 2020

      Hi,since the eol of CoreOS is coming closer every day I was wondering if there is going to be any official recommendation from DigitalOcean on how to move on. Is the successor (Fedora CoreOS ) going to be supported so...
      1 answer2 years agoBy Fabian KromerCoreOS
    • Question

      JavaScript causing issues

      Guys, I’ve been experiencing an issue where my function has been constantly executing without actually. Here is my JavaScript code <script> //Constants const testInput = document.querySelector('[name=test]'); //EventL...
      Accepted Answer: Hi @brendRos , The error is quite common and it’s not actually an error, it’s how JavaScript works. Turn your attention to your Event Listeners: //EventListeners testInput.addEventListener('click', ExecuteReload()); Y...
      1 answer2 years agoBy Brendo RossJavaScriptCoreOS
    • Question

      Does my app need to pass the CA certificate to connect to the DigitalOcean managed MySQL databases?

      Couple of years back I started my Docker journey with CoreOS. While it made me go through a lot of painful transitions, because features of traditional OSes were missing (like no package manager, everything done with ...
      1 answer3 years agoBy WilliamLucasCoreOSDigitalOcean Managed MySQL Database
    • Question

      Best OS for my specific use-case.

      Hi guys! Right now I’m running several Ubuntu droplets specifically for running docker containers.I really like the idea of CoreOS, a minimal OS designed for running Docker containers, but I’m not sure if it is meant ...
      2 answers3 years agoBy maced19496ff1ed87017207badDockerCoreOS
    • Question

      How to know private ip range?

      Hey, Let me compare this with AWS so that I can be clearer. In AWS I have a VPC with cidr block of So I can be sure all my machines will end up with an IP within this range. I have a service that I want ...
      2 answers3 years agoBy Johny SDigitalOceanCoreOSDebianUbuntu
    • Question

      I get the same error every day: "Error establishing a database connection"

      I receive a database error twice a day. The problem is solved when I turn the server off and back on. I’m sick of this now. It’s ridiculous to have problems every day in such a big company. I hope you can help. if you...
      3 answers3 years agoBy Ömer KirazDigitalOceanCoreOSCentOS
    • Question

      How to go top 10 in google ?

      Hi every body I use cload fleayer CDN for my site seo optimize in googl i am new webmaster some time i have problem with Cload fleyr and i want to change or use to anoter CDN company my site refer to detector or فلزیا...
      2 answers3 years agoBy فلزیاب گلد اسکنData AnalysisBlueprintCachingCDNCI/CDDevelopmentArch LinuxDebian 9DebianFreeBSDUbuntuUbuntu 16.04CoreOSUbuntu 18.04CentOS
    • Question

      How to redirect 301 or 302 from domain#1 - to domain#2

      How to redirect 301/302 from a domain - to another domain -
      1 answer3 years agoBy Alex SFApacheDigitalOceanControl PanelsDevelopmentArch LinuxCoreOS
    • Question

      Replace Docker daemon with CoreOS RKT in Kubernetes cluster

      I would like to run CoreOS RKT on Kubernetes cluster instead of Docker daemon. How can I do that on DigitalOcean?
      1 answer3 years agoBy aminnassiriKubernetesCoreOS
    • Question

      Kubernetes readwritemany (or the same effect)

      I’ve been using compose for years - k8s for days. I’m building a specialized app on DO k8s and it’s going great. Thinking ahead, though, I’d like to use DO k8s for our entire infrastructure. We have hundreds of hosted...
      2 answers3 years agoBy ardkevin84KubernetesBlock StorageScalingCoreOS
    • Question

      Bind credit card, no refund after deduction

      i Bind two credit cards, one is ok,but the other no refund after deduction
      1 answer3 years agoBy zlqlppBillingCoreOS
    • Question

      DNS problem: SERVFAIL looking up A for

      Hello, This Error appears when i tried to use certbot --webroot and said that can’t reach the A record for my hostname and . On the other side, i used an A record for and a CNAM...
      1 answer3 years agoBy zoompress2009DNSCoreOS
    • Question

      Kuberenetes Firewalling the management API

      Hi all, I’m quite familiar with DO, Kubernetes and coreos ( used to deploy ETCD clusters on DO using Ansible + API). I’m looking at using DO to host an test K8 cluster, and am looking to ‘lock down’ the management API...
      Accepted Answer: Hey friend, you’re correct, we’re providing a managed Kubernetes product (our short hand for it is DOKS 👍🏼 ) so there’s no access to the management layer: Hope ...
      1 answer3 years agoBy debestebenAPIKubernetesDigitalOcean Cloud FirewallsCoreOS
    • Question

      Is Digitalocean have any free SSL certificate provides with hosting purchase ?

      We have a website named , We don’t have any SSL. Is Digitalocean have any free SSL certificate provides with hosting purchase ?
      2 answers4 years agoBy jogaanServer OptimizationCoreOS
    • Question

      How to move website from private server to google cloud server?

      I would like to move my website from a private server to google cloud server?Can anyone suggest me the right instruction.
      No answers yet4 years agoBy Shariq aliInitial Server SetupCoreOS
    • Question

      Can I configure private networking between two accounts?

      I have two accounts that I use for different projects for billing. There is some infrastructure that doesn’t make sense to duplicate. I’m wondering if there’s some way to join two private networks, or something equiva...
      1 answer4 years agoBy coryloganNetworkingCoreOS