Tutorials about serverless deployments and serverless functions

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    • Tech Talk

      Getting Started With DigitalOcean Functions

      Serverless functions are a way to run code without having to manage servers. Learn the basics of serverless architecture and how to decompose business logic into discrete units you can onboard with Cloud Functions and...
      8 days agoBy Amy NegretteServerlessTech Talks
    • Question

      Is there any API gateway for DO functions?

      Hello,How to secure DO functions? Is there any API gateway for authentication and authorization?Thanks
      2 answers28 days agoBy Castor RuffyPHPServerless
    • Question

      How to get environment variables in a PHP serverless function?

      Hi all, You can define environment variables in a couple of ways as described in the serverless Functions documentation here:
      Accepted Answer: If you were to try and use the environment variable directly, eg. echo $YOUR_VAR you will get a warning stating that the variable is not defined. You will have to use the builtin getenv() PHP function to get the value...
      1 answer28 days agoBy Bobby IlievPHPPHP FrameworksServerless
    • Tutorial

      What is Serverless?

      This DigitalOcean Community Glossary entry provides a short introduction to serverless computing and links to related resources.
      1 month agoBy Alex GarnettGlossaryServerless
    • Conceptual Article

      Best Practices for Rearchitecting Monolithic Applications to Microservices

      This tutorial provides an overview of best practices for rearchitecting a monolithic application to use microservices, which you can then deploy using Kubernetes, App Platform, or another serverless environment.
      1 month agoBy Alex GarnettMicroservicesConceptualServerless
    • Conceptual Article

      How To Write a Serverless Function

      Serverless architecture allows backend web services to be implemented on an as-needed basis. Rather than needing to maintain your own server configuration, architecting your software for serverless providers can minim...
      1 month agoBy Alex GarnettMicroservicesConceptualServerless