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    • Question

      Best specifications for FiveM Server?

      I’ve been asking people everywhere, and cannot get an answer from anyone. Anyone know what specifications would be recommended to run a GTA Roleplay server (FiveM), I have a max player count of 64 player slot’s, and a...
      1 answer10 months agoBy Robert PriceStartupsGetting StartedInitial Server Setup
    • Tech Talk

      The Capital Conundrum: When, How, and Why You Should Raise Money for Your Startup

      Techstars Chief Investment Strategy Officer Nicole Glaros shares the ins and outs of the fundraising process: who to raise capital from, what to expect, and how to get them to say yes.
      10 months agoBy Nicole Glarosdeploy 2021Tech TalksStartups
    • Tech Talk

      From Startup to Sustainability: Best Practices for Engineering Teams in Times of Transition

      A more reliable way to scale where you move fast, and break less. Learn how to structure your business goals to mitigate potential risk, knock down technical debt, and improve processes.
      10 months agoBy Suzanne Phergiodeploy 2021Tech TalksStartups
    • Tech Talk

      New Customer Acquisition for Startups

      Growth framework and tactics for driving top-of-the-funnel growth for B2B and B2C startups.
      11 months agoBy Arif Kadirdeploy 2021Tech TalksStartups
    • Question

      How To Set Up Django App on Apache With User With Their Own Subdomain And Their Unique Database on One Database Cluster?

      My idea is to deploy a django app on an Apache Server Droplet, which can have my users access the app with each user with their own unique subdomain example: , and so on, and each w...
      1 answer1 year agoBy alimmillionaireBackupsBuilding a SaaSContainerDeploymentDjangoPythonUbuntu 20.04StartupsDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
    • Question

      How to add Domain name

      please You guy should help me out! i tried adding a domain name after i deployed my static site using the app platform but i have found out ever since it is still yet to be configured for more than two days
      2 answers1 year agoBy achillsbusinessStartups
    • Tech Talk

      Developing for Developers – Path to Fame, Money, and Happiness

      Opportunities for technologists to create developer-focused businesses; plus advantages to building them on DigitalOcean.
      2 years agoBy Raman SharmaTech Talksdeploy 2020StartupsProduct DevelopmentBuilding a SaaSBuilding on DigitalOcean
    • Tech Talk

      Balancing the Triangle of Business Stakeholders: Serving Investors, Customers, and Teams

      How do you help your investors, customers, and team members succeed? Jeff Guy, DigitalOcean’s Chief Operating Officer, shares how to overcome the challenge of balancing their disparate needs to keep the “triangle of b...
      2 years agoBy Jeff Guydeploy 2020Lightning TalksStartups
    • Tech Talk

      Scaling an Open Source Web App to 30 Countries in Less Than 3 Weeks

      How 157 people from all over the world built and scaled — an open source web application that enables people to self-report symptoms of COVID-19 — using DigitalOcean’s infrastructure.
      2 years agoBy Michael McMillandeploy 2020Tech TalksOpen SourceStartups
    • Tech Talk

      Happiness First: Ways to Develop Products in Record Time

      This talk helps startups stay away from over-engineering in the early stages of their projects by describing methods for keeping both people and businesses happy.
      2 years agoBy Nikita SavrovBuilding a SaaSdeploy 2020Tech TalksStartupsProduct Development