Understanding a few basic storage concepts is necessary for managing large volumes of data and optimizing server performance.

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    Is there a command to move a file from my droplet to local?

    I've been using GitHub to move files between my droplet and my computer, which works fine. But I was wondering if there's a way through command line to move files from the droplet to my local machine. Thank you
    Accepted Answer: Hi @jouo, You can use either <^>rsync<^> or <^>scp<^> to move files from one place to another. Let's use <^>scp<^> for this example as it's simpler(in this case). You'll need to use it like so scp root@YourDropletIp:...
    1 By jouo Storage
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    Streaming video from droplet is getting slower

    I"m running a video sharing service on a droplet and it was working fine for quiet some time, recently streaming the videos to the mobile application is getting slower as we are getting more users "videos are stored ...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, @Molhamstein You can definitely check the block storage volumes as a possible solution. Volumes are Block Storage product, allowing you to attach additional SSD to the Droplet. The performance should be the s...
    1 By Molhamstein Monitoring High Availability Server Optimization Scaling Storage
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    Unable to Move MySQL DB Location - Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64

    I followed the steps below exactly and the MySQL service will not start. This is a new Droplet with NO pre-existing data. Reference::
    Accepted Answer: Nevermind. It seems I can't read... The KB works.
    2 By MattyBob Storage MySQL Databases Block Storage Ubuntu 18.04
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    Where are Cron Job errors logged?

    As the title states. Where are the crontab errors logged and what is the name of the file? I'm not sure what the name of the file is so I have no clue what to search on with find -iname "file name here"..
    Accepted Answer: By default on Ubuntu your cron output should be logged to /var/log/syslog If you would like cron to log to it's own file you can edit /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf and uncomment the line ``` cron.* ``` Then run s...
    1 By fandrev87482a4aafc8df6927f Apache DigitalOcean Development PHP Storage System Tools Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
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    Inode limit, how to increase inode limit on block storage volume?

    I've successfully added a 100gb block storage volume to my droplet, which was originally added to store a few million .json files and a few million image files. The issue I am noticing at the moment is that after the ...
    Accepted Answer: How small/large are these files? You can set the number of inodes at format-time of the block storage. It can be as high as 4 billion inodes. So partition the new the block storage as ext4 with parted then format it w...
    1 By meloku Block Storage DigitalOcean Linux Commands Storage Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to manage /var/mail/root file

    The size of /var/mail/root has been increasing as i am using lot of cron jobs and may cause memory shortage. Is it wise to delete that file? How to manage this problem?
    Accepted Answer: Hi! I would recommend emptying the file instead of completely deleting it just to prevent any issues that might be caused by the file being missing. cat /dev/null > /var/mail/root You can disable cron emails complet...
    3 By DarshanK Linux Basics Storage
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    SPACES Region release timeline.

    I have searched for and am unable to find information on the release schedule for the spaces service in other regions. Specifically I am looking for Toronto (where my droplet(s) are hosted in this instance). Can anyo...
    Accepted Answer: We do not have a timeline for Spaces to come to Toronto just yet. Our initial roadmap for Spaces was designed with an aim to roll out Spaces with the widest geographical coverage. We started with NYC3 to cover the eas...
    7 By jasonjpeters Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    s3cmd SignatureDoesNotMatch

    Problem When I try to use s3cmd it exits with the following error: ERROR: S3 error: 403 (SignatureDoesNotMatch) Attempted Solutions I have tried regenerating my keys as other similar questions suggested. Context I a...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, I do not consider myself an expert on s3cmd, and I realize that you already have a configuration file, but can you try setting up the configuration specifically by the steps we've outlined here? https://ww...
    1 By noahhuppert Object Storage Storage
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    Can I get download stats of a file hosted on Spaces?

    My site is currently using S3 for static content hosting like pictures and audio files for a podcast. However I'd like to consolidate to a single provider if I can, using S3 just adds complexity. The biggest thing I n...
    Accepted Answer: Unfortunately this reporting is not yet available for Spaces users. Additional metrics around Spaces usage is on the roadmap and work is currently underway to continue to improve this experience.
    3 By huntmarkf Storage
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    How to set policy of space

    I tried to use s3cmd to set policy of a space. The policy file is like: ``` { "Statement": [ { "Sid": "Allow get requests referred by localhost", "Effect": "Allow", "Pri...
    Accepted Answer: Here is my bucket policy.json create from AWS S3 and It work with DO Spaces. Don't forget to change to your bucketname and your domain. { "Version": "2017-10-17", "Id": "http referer policy example", "Sta...
    3 By dumeng81 API DigitalOcean Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    XMLHttpRequest file upload to Spaces fails due to CORS issue

    I'm trying to upload a file to Spaces using XMLHttpRequest with a pre-signed url generated by the boto3 Python library. I'm using the v2 signature type as the AWS v4 signature is not supported (yet). (https://www.digi...
    Accepted Answer: @krksgbr what a coincidence, I was just about to post the solution to my own question. It turned out not to be a CORS issue at all (sorry about that DO), but related to the way the file was sent through Javascript. Ap...
    8 By al3x5 API Python Storage Ubuntu
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    Inbound vs Outbound

    Hi, Can someone explain to me more detail about the difference between Inbound and Outbound (Traffic/Bandwith). And on the DO's Storage, what does "1TB of outbound transfer" means? Let say my 2 web users are watchi...
    Accepted Answer: Correct. Outbound transfer = data leaving DigitalOcean's network. Inbound transfer = data entering DigitalOcean's network. So if you have 2 web users watching a 1gb video served from a DigitalOcean Droplet or Storage,...
    2 By pramanadiputra Storage Networking
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    My disk space is increasing in a wrong way

    Hi, I created a droplet several months ago with the basic plan $5/Month, I got 25Gb Disk Space. I only installed wordpress & a script in this droplet, everything was going fine I created a snapshot last month and it's...
    Accepted Answer: I don't know much about snapshots but you can check your disk space with df -h and then your could start at cd / and du -sh * to see which folder uses the most space and then just cd /desiredfolder and du -sh * to fin...
    3 By homyo9 Apache Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    Pros and Cons of Multiple Sites on One Droplet vs. on Multiple Droplets

    Please excuse any redundancy here, as I am well aware that there have been numerous posts/questions about the issue of hosting multiple sites on one droplet, as opposed to hosting those sites on more than one droplet....
    Accepted Answer: Hi @athayworth There's no such thing as ignorant questions, just misunderstandings and incomplete answers :) From the first segment: 1. Yes, there's a huge difference between hosting a single site or multiple. If you...
    2 By athayworth Server Optimization WordPress Storage Security Configuration Management Scaling Load Balancing DigitalOcean Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
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    [Feature Request] Any plans to add an RDS service to Digital Ocean?

    I see you guys have added object storage which is really cool. Any plans to add something like Amazon's RDS (Relational Database Service) to Digital Ocean's product offerings? I'd drop AWS pretty quick if you guys h...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, Please vote for this feature on our suggestions board: Thanks!
    3 By codeCrusader DigitalOcean Storage
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    Is there/will there be an object storage CLI for DO Spaces?

    I've attempted poking around with doctl to see if there is any support for using it as a CLI for the new object storage DO has in beta, but I'm not seeing anything that seem related to this. Documentation doesn't refl...
    Accepted Answer: Until Spaces don't reach General Availability point, I don't believe we'll see any official CLI. Well, as it's private beta, it's sort of "hidden" from public and sharing information about Spaces is not that advised. ...
    3 By weildish Storage
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    Do Spaces count on Snapshots & Backup?

    Hello Does your spaces get backed up every week or included when you do a snapshot? Thank you
    Accepted Answer: Spaces is an object storage ( product, and has a certain amount of redundancy set up at DigitalOcean's end, but it's up to you to ensure your data is backed up properly. Sn...
    2 By robertd Storage Backups Ubuntu 16.04
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    Different disk space usage for 5 identical droplets of Ubuntu 16.04.3

    I have 5 droplets created at different times, older one Oct 2016 with Ubuntu 16.04.1 and newer 16.04.2. All of them have nginx php7-fpm and Grav CMS on it, nothing else, same exact configuration of the files in www in...
    Accepted Answer: if you run: sudo du -h -d 1 / On a new vs. old machine that should tell you which of your top-level directories is taking up extra space. Probably either /home or /var You can then run: sudo du -h -d 1 /var etc. ...
    1 By filippomasoni DigitalOcean Storage Ubuntu 16.04
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    Need Help Managing My Hard Drives

    Hello Everyone. First i am inexperienced with Linux and Cent-OS. So please forgive my ignorance. I will try my best to explain my problem and what i actuaclly want. I have a dedicated server with 3 Hard Drives and 1 ...
    Accepted Answer: Do you initialized and partitioned your 2 hard drives? I see that you have 3 partitions on SSD, but I don't see any on other hard drives. If you didn't, you can follow DigitalOcean tutorial - How To Partition and Form...
    3 By Zulqarnainkhan Linux Commands Nginx Storage CentOS
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    Droplets and storage, can I combine them?

    I am used to working with VPS servers and considering the switch to Digital Oceans' Droplets. I currently run CentOS & DirectAdmin on a VPS elsewhere. Am I able to run the following on a Droplet and add extra storage:...
    Accepted Answer: You are correct.
    2 By themadguru Storage Deployment Getting Started CentOS