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    Ansible playbook error: mapping values are not allowed in this context

    I am trying to play with Ansible a little bit and I've created a test playbook but it is failing for some reason and I can't figure out why. I've tested the connectivity between my control node and the worker node but...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, The playbook looks good, there's only a slight indentation error, Yaml is very strict about the indentations and the spacing. You need to make sure that you have two spaces before the - name part of your playb...
    2 By devdojo Ansible Ubuntu 18.04
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    Ansible problem: Shared connection to server closed

    I have two servers, one is my control node and one is the worker. I've installed Ansible on the control node with the following command: apt update -y && apt install ansible -y And it seems to be working fine. I als...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, I've seen this problem before. I think that by default python 2 is not installed on Ubuntu 18.04 . So a quick fix here is to just add the path to python 3 in your inventory file. It would look something like th...
    1 By devdojo Ansible Development Ubuntu 18.04
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    What's the best way to create a droplet with block storage using Terraform and Ansible?

    Hi I'm in the process of automating my infrastructure on DO. I have all droplets and volumes created using terraform, and I'm also using user data during the provisioning for things like defining base packages, creati...
    Accepted Answer: Your approach to using Terraform for provisioning infrastructure and Ansible for config management is the right way to think about it. Luckily Terraform should be able to do what you'd like. Pre-formatted volumes crea...
    1 By bytencode Ansible Terraform Block Storage Ubuntu 18.04
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    Why isn't mail sending to local users?

    Hello, Trying to make Postfix do as it should. :) I currently finished setting up Postfix to send through Amazon Simple Email Service. Now I have the following questions. 1. Am I using all the correct parameters to en...
    Accepted Answer: After much messing around with this issue, I finally figured it out. Lots of config changes that needed to be made which I won't detail here, every setup seems to be different. When in doubt, just keep messing with it...
    1 By alexstine Ansible Ubuntu
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    How do I avoid "'/usr/bin/aptitude safe-upgrade' failed: FATAL -> Failed to fork"?

    I have an Ubuntu 14.04 droplet which I set up with Ansible. When I run my playbook it currently fails when trying to upgrade APT packages: '/usr/bin/aptitude safe-upgrade' failed: FATAL -> Failed to fork. I'm not su...
    Accepted Answer: @philgyford That message generally means there's not enough RAM available for the process to continue to run. I've seen it before, though it's been a while. In such a case, the Droplet may simply need more RAM. One w...
    1 By philgyford Ansible Ubuntu
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    Permission is denied while connecting to server with ansible via ssh

    I'm getting the error below when I'm writing this ansible -m ping all host1 | UNREACHABLE! => { "changed": false, "msg": "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: Permission denied (publickey,password).\r\n",...
    6 By demiculus Ansible
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    I cant verify my documents when creating an account.

    I cant verify my documents when creating an account.
    1 By dpbandara Ansible
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    Port 8500 Is refused

    I am trying to install consul using the idealista/consul_role via ansible and I am running into an error: Timeout when waiting for When I ssh into the server and run:curl localhost:8500 I get: curl: (7)...
    3 By albertb7d6866d1e7b16084675 DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls Ansible DigitalOcean
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    I forgot my password and didn't get an alternate password.

    I forgot my password and didn't get an alternate password. I can only log in through Google and not through the password email I thought was correct. I need you to tell me my password or send me an alternative email: ...
    1 By shiri8922 Ansible
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    Hello my site does not work I am not a programmer

    Hello my site does not work I am not a programmer .Please log into your Droplet with SSH to configure the LEMP installation. See the LEMP One-Click Quickstart guide for detailed assistance. Quickstart Guide this probl...
    1 By h2hdestek Ansible
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    When copying the ssh key, what to copy in the authorized_keys file?

    I am trying this out and I am sorry if this is a stupid question but do I copy this part of the key in to the authorized_keys file? -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY----- or Do I just copy the a...
    1 By nexusguy59 Configuration Management Ansible
  • Question

    How to automate DigitalOcean's droplet with ansible on ubuntu machine if I don't have an account on DO

    I'm using an ubuntu 18.04 machine and I don't have any DigitalOcean's account right now but how can I create my very basic ubuntu 18.04 droplet using ansible on my local machine is that possible or not ? give me a sol...
    1 By neoprox Ansible Automated Setups DigitalOcean Logging API
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    How to programatically create and configure a digital ocean droplet using API and Ansible?

    We have a working ansible script which we use to configure a droplet after it is manually provisioned. We are now planning to ditch manual process and automate creation and destruction of do instances using a python ...
    2 By rajdo DigitalOcean Ansible API Python Automated Setups Ubuntu 18.04
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    Ansible issues with locate command

    What I am trying to accomplish: Get list of commands that I want to run: [db2inst1@db2server1 ~]$ locate db2ilist | grep instance /opt/ibm/db2/V10.5/instance/db2ilist /opt/ibm/db2/V11.1/instance/db2ilist Execute bot...
    1 By mikekidwell Ansible
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    Show us your toolbox

    Hi Everyone, I'm working in my startup project which I hope it will launch by April (Wish me good luck!) I was thinking about the project infrastructure part, my project will require multiple layers of servers (Web, A...
    1 By ahmadt Ansible Automated Setups Configuration Management Terraform Monitoring Security Logging
  • Question

    [ERROR] MySQL Query Error: Can not connect to DB, bridge2cart in woocommerce. Veeqo connection.

    This is on a ( environment: trellis | bedrock | sage9 There are no errors on deployment. However my client requires the integration of Veeqo, stock management software, that has an integrati...
    1 By shaunmac WordPress Ansible Databases Ubuntu 18.04
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    i tried to ssh root@ipaddress. I received error port 22 connection refused

    i tried to ssh root@ipaddress. I received error port 22 connection refused. Can you help with this?
    3 By stanhao Ansible Ubuntu 16.04
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    can i host web application on digital ocean having Oracle 11g + hibernate + Spring web MVC + Apache

    can i host web application on digital ocean having Oracle 11g + hibernate + Spring web MVC + Apache
    1 By niitdelhiind Ansible
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    paypal How long will it take for the recharge to arrive?

    paypal How long will it take for the recharge to arrive?
    1 By 1366002020 Ansible Debian
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    Delete space not habilited

    the option to delete space is not available. I need to disable the account.
    1 By edvaldoh Ansible Arch Linux