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    Why does my partitioned volume return lost+found

    I am trying to understand why my attempts to mount DO's block storage device to docker's /var/lib/docker dir results in lost+found. First, Terraform is used to provision a digital ocean droplet and attach a volume to ...
    Accepted Answer: The lost+found directory is used by file system check tools (fsck). When a system crashes and there is some inconsistency, fsck might be able to (partially) recover lost information (files or directories). It might no...
    2 By petesabs Block Storage Conceptual Docker Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable?

    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable? and how much will it cost?
    Accepted Answer: I think this will be fine, we don't delete accounts unless you instruct us to do so. Snapshot pricing is outlined on the /pricing page We're not a DNS registrar and at the curre...
    1 By business3ee5aed System Tools Billing Configuration Management Conceptual Control Panels
  • Question

    What's the best way to sell VPS hosting through DigitalOcean?

    Hello, I'm interested in starting up a hosting business through the DigitalOcean system. My plan is to start off by offering VPS hosting (automated with WHMCS). I've had a look and can see that there are different way...
    1 By coinlawyer20757 Control Panels Conceptual Automated Setups Ubuntu
  • Question

    Unable to ping my new droplet

    This is a second time I create droplet on digital ocean, and I didn't remember this problem on first time. I created droplet with ipv4: and I unable to ssh to it, and I unable even to ping it.
    1 By dmitrymalugin Conceptual
  • Question

    When do you move your database to a separate server?

    This is more of a conceptual question about when is the appropriate time to spit a database server off to it's own droplet. So say you have a LAMP type solution running on a 2vcpu/4GB droplet and you think it's time t...
    3 By nusbaum LAMP Stack High Availability Security Server Optimization Conceptual
  • Question

    Can you send data to a server through cellular?

    Hello all. At my current job we have sensors on one of our building's roofs that sends environmental data from the roof to a physical server in the building. This system is proprietary and our building does not allow ...
    1 By csmall9 Applications Databases Open Source Big Data Conceptual
  • Question

    how to write a puppet manifest that will copy microsoft iis admin api to remote servers - have set up master and client

    on windows 10 want to write a puppet manifest to check and update iis admin api to remote servers using puppet
    2 By hassbod4 Configuration Management Conceptual Ubuntu API
  • Question

    How can one droplet access another and write files

    Hello, My company is pushing a new service live and we want you guys to be the web hosting providers, simply because you are awesome and I have had a great experience with you so far! I will not get into small details...
    1 By digitalprintdev API Conceptual CMS CDN CentOS
  • Question

    I can´t use the "import" module. Whenever I type "import" in the code, the module simply becomes part of the comments. What do I do??

    What can I do to enable the "import" module? HELP PLEASE
    1 By pablomaloosorio Conceptual
  • Question

    Can we use DigitalOcean as websocket gateway/pipe

    Hi Members, I am a newbie to digitalocean and cloud computing. I hope my question doesn't seem vague to you,apologies before hand. I am trying to access the web socket data that is hosted on my raspberry pi 3b+(runnin...
    1 By shariq287 VPN DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls Conceptual Ubuntu 18.04 DigitalOcean API
  • Question

    How to best setup an API backend

    Hello, I have an app that has an API it calls. The API get's called multiple times a second from the app's users. One aspect of the API calls is the recording if usage statistics. Currently I have all of this manage...
    3 By jk8db1e0d Conceptual Deployment Server Optimization Load Balancing MySQL MariaDB PHP
  • Question

    DO - Kubernetes send POD Logs to Elasticsearch

    Hi, Is there a way to Send POD Logs to Elasticsearch in Digitaloceans Kubernetes? According to the Docs of Kubernetes this is feasible.
    2 By gradlon Conceptual CentOS
  • Question

    How do I manage multiple domains from one droplet (to host all my landing pages for my different websites/businesses)

    I have several businesses and some of them do not have a website, but we need to build landing pages for the different offer we're running. I want to create several different landing pages for each of our different do...
    1 By jord8on Conceptual
  • Question

    RDP to Virtualbox Guest hosted on Digital Ocean

    I'm not sure if this is possible using Digital Ocean as a hosting environment but here goes - I'm setting up a Virtualbox guest machine running Windows 10 on a droplet running CentOS 7. Users would need to be able to...
    1 By dcoop Networking Conceptual DNS CentOS
  • Question

    I'm almost able to access an X client from my droplet, but it is failing at the last minute

    My error is: process[rviz-4]: started with pid [11661] libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found And checking the video drivers shows this: pitosalas@pitosalas1:~$ sudo ldconfig -p | grep -i [sudo] pas...
    1 By pitosalas Conceptual Ubuntu 16.04
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    Maximum number of droplets per account

    Is there a limit on number of droplets I can create under my account? I plan to host my client's applications (mostly Wordpress) and have each client have it's own VPS. Right now, I have like a dozen potential clients...
    1 By vdjurovic Conceptual
  • Question

    how can i give permission of adduser to a simple user which is not in wheel group cent os7

    i have tried giving special permission to user and group on file /usr/sbin/useradd but still if i login from a simple user and run useradd it gives me an error saying permission denied.
    1 By talhamasudkhan Conceptual CentOS
  • Question

    Can't Send Emails Using Both Postfix & Sendmail On Debian-9-64bit Fresh Droplet

    There's a problem with either the DigitalOcean firewalls or something similar. Can't send emails using both Postfix and Sendmail. I've put no firewalls in place. All ports open, but still can't send. Please fix ASAP. ...
    1 By praneethcodes Email Applications Conceptual DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls Firewall Messaging Debian
  • Question

    First time user

    hi. We (as a company) are looking at using a different service for our website. I'm not technical, can you please let me know what I need to do to start using this service? in terms of hardware etc etc. i'm sorry t...
    1 By CQ Conceptual
  • Question

    Can you make an erlang cluster with digitalocean droplets?

    Can you make an erlang cluster with digitalocean droplets?
    2 By throwaway Clustering Applications Conceptual DigitalOcean