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    do-agent exited with a return code 100

    Hi there, Lately, I've been getting messages at the start of every month to my root email with the following message after updating the DigitalOcean monitoring agent: run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/do-agent exited with r...
    1 By terresquall Getting Started Data Analysis Ubuntu 18.04
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    how can i speed our website with digitalocean ?

    hello, we are using digitalocean via cloudways. But sometimes our site is slowing down sometimes. How do we fix it? websites:
    1 By masaloku Quickstart Data Analysis
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    Installing "pcalg" on RStudio

    Dear community, I'm new to DigitalOcean and still lack experience. I set up a Droplet with RStudio on Ubuntu 18.04. To run my code, I need to install the "pcalg" package. However, I always get the following error mess...
    0 By PHU Machine Learning Data Analysis Getting Started R Ubuntu 18.04
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    Hello, I really need to know this. Can the bandwidth here or the configuration i chose affect the performance of the app? The app is a taxi on demand service app like UBER" and We are having lots of issues with the ap...
    1 By matrixtaxiserver Solutions Configuration Management Applications Data Analysis Databases Development React
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    How to go top 10 in google ?

    Hi every body I use cload fleayer CDN for my site seo optimize in googl i am new webmaster some time i have problem with Cload fleyr and i want to change or use to anoter CDN company my site refer to detector or فل...
    2 By goldscan1co Data Analysis Blueprint Caching CDN CI/CD Development Arch Linux Debian 9 Debian FreeBSD Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 CoreOS Ubuntu 18.04 CentOS
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    How do I resolve an SSL connection error when fetching the metrics agent installer script?

    I'm following the instructions from this page: However, the curl command appears to do nothing. Indeed, when I omit the pi...
    2 By bobbyjack Data Analysis Ubuntu
  • Question

    How can I get http traffic graphs for a droplet

    I need to find out a way to monitor http traffic for a droplet
    1 By fahmad Data Analysis
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    I am having the following error. Would highly appreciate if anyone helps me out.

    [root@ZBXNWKMNTR ~]# service zabbix-server status Redirecting to /bin/systemctl status zabbix-server.service ● zabbix-server.service - Zabbix Server Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/zabbix-server.service; en...
    2 By Akib Configuration Management Data Analysis DigitalOcean Linux Basics Linux Commands Monitoring MySQL Networking Server Optimization
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    Why You Shouldn't Deal With DigitalOcean: An Ocean That isn't That Deep!

    Why You Shouldn't Deal With DigitalOcean: An Ocean That isn't That Deep! The famous -infamous to us- company in the field of Web Hosting has deleted one of our most importan...
    1 By AhmedBadawi Databases Drupal Development Deployment DigitalOcean Data Analysis Debian CentOS Ubuntu
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    Lost all data on Mhn server and sensors have stopped collecting data. Is there anyways of fixing this issues?

    A group of us doing a college assignment have lost all data using the droplets as honeypots. We were using Modern honey network to record data using sensors on multiple droplets. As of this week we've lost all past da...
    0 By theinternetbox277 DigitalOcean Backups Data Analysis
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    I am scraping a site for world presidents' list. I have done the following code which gets the names but on the csv file I need help.

    import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import csv f = csv.writer(open('world-presidents.csv', 'w')) f.writerow(['S.No', 'Country','President','Prime-Minister']) Collect and parse first page page = requests.get(...
    0 By ousojoash Data Analysis
  • Question

    How can I know how much traffic was used by my droplet during a month?

    How can I know how much traffic was used by my droplet during a month?
    1 By porton Data Analysis Debian
  • Question

    Enable CPU turbo boost?

    I'm running a parallelized machine learning task on my Droplet. When I monitor the system performance using htop, I see that both CPUs are running at 100% (yay). The problem, though, is that when I look as lscpu, I se...
    1 By jdeorian Data Analysis Ubuntu 16.04
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    An external tool to email/phone-message me if my site is down

    I have a few WordPress apps on a Ubuntu-Nginx server environment I host here in DO. Sometimes I don't visit a site for a long time (>=1 month) and it might be that the site is down. I'm looking for a humble payless se...
    2 By benqzq Data Analysis Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    See who is connected to my drophet.

    Hi, i created a server with ubuntu for an old video game... how can i see who is connected to my server? best regards
    1 By andreschwark Apache Data Analysis
  • Question

    mySQL droplet size

    I am looking to start a small project and looking into reading data from mutiple sources and inserting the data into a sql database. I plan to run my script every hour to start and it will add about 500~ records which...
    2 By jimmytu MySQL Data Analysis DigitalOcean Server Optimization API Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Can we have some feature in the digitalocean spaces where we can see the file size of whole items inside a folder

    Space_name > Folder1 > Folder1a 10Mb 4Items Name ...
    1 By euardllema101 Data Analysis
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    Suspicious Process Running Under User "Nobody" ?

    I have WHM / Cpanel installed on a CentOS droplet, I have also configured CSF firewall. I'm getting logs saying that there are suspicious processes running under user "Nobody" which seem to be Digital Ocean-related. I...
    1 By jcphoto Control Panels Server Optimization Security Data Analysis DigitalOcean Logging CentOS
  • Question

    I love the graphs showing droplet CPU, disk, and bandwidth usage. Recently, these graphs sometimes drop hours of data. Why?

    The data dropouts appear as a straight line that spans several our of missing data. Normally, the lines fluctuate. I'm not running the extended data logging, just the basic three graphs.
    1 By jmaloney Data Analysis Ubuntu
  • Question

    I would like to install influxdb and grafana on ubuntu/LAMP droplet

    Hello i am a newbie to this stuff. I've searched and i have tried many different guides to get this going but i have not got it to work. I would like to have influxdb and grafana to store and display data on the serve...
    1 By Meche Data Analysis