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DigitalOcean Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Networking features that allow you to secure your cloud resources within private, isolated networks.

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    Loadbalancer traffic request mirroring

    I have a load balancer and couple of droplets inside of it . I have some containers in my network for security analyze. I want to request mirror incoming HTTP traffic like port 80-> to port 3131 for analyze . I know ...
    Accepted Answer: Currently it isn't possible to mirror traffic that comes into your load balancer setup. However, if you want to mirror HTTP traffic you can setup nginx to do so as you have already mentioned. After the load balancer f...
    1 By DarkimPact DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers Load Balancing DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    Firewall on VPC internet gateway blocking backend droplets internet connection

    I've set up a VPC with two droplets following the article at I have a problem where backend droplet cannot connect to the Internet throug...
    Accepted Answer: I found that ufw blocks routed traffic by default, so rules need to be added separately to allow such traffic to pass through.
    1 By sasha8f2a47b1620702cd212e2 DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    Unable to access droplets using private Ip (both droplets belong to same VPC)

    I am able to ping both the public and private IP from a another droplet. But can only telnet to publicip but not private Ip on a given port. Simply ``` telnet <publicip> 5432 - WORKS telnet <privateip> 5432 - DOE...
    1 By sudhakarduraiswamy DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    Advice on migrating existing RHEL/CentOS development servers from Virtualbox to DO?

    Hello, I aim to migrate our in-house dev servers from Virtualbox into a VPC at DO. These are existing servers that I do not wish to rebuild, just migrate. I see two paths: 1) Set up Virtualbox server on a DO server, t...
    1 By BostonBob CentOS DigitalOcean VPC
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    How to set up access to website hosted within VPC?

    I want to host my webserver inside a VPC. I do not plan to have it redundant and therefore I do not need load balancing. I set a gateway as described here (
    1 By StephanH DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    How to re-use an private IP in a VPC with DigitalOcean?

    I have a VPC with several Droplets. They communicate with each other via private IPs. One of them needs to be replaced. I'd like to bring up a new Droplet using the same private IP of the one that will be replaced and...
    1 By npearson72 DigitalOcean VPC Networking DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Question

    Concept for connection/configuration between OpenStack and DO's VPC.

    I have an on-premise datacenter where is OpenStack and then I would like my on-premise directly connected to the VPC of DigitalOcean . (if my internet provider can provide an interconnect to DigitalOcean.) What are t...
    0 By Jamth DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    Is it possible to connect my App, via private network, to my Droplet?

    Greetings, I have a django application hosted on the new App service and a droplet postgres database. They are currently communicating via a public network. Is it possible to connect them using a VPC or ip6 instead of...
    0 By andresMantaRay Django PostgreSQL DigitalOcean VPC IPv6 DigitalOcean App Platform