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DigitalOcean Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Networking features that allow you to secure your cloud resources within private, isolated networks.

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  • Question

    Configuring a Private Rippled Server on DigitalOcean Droplet

    Hi! So I am part of a team that is working on the XRP Ledger in order to work with NFTs and cryptocurrency transactions. Part of this includes running a rippled server that can act as a validator which is necessary fo...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Uploading the server directly is most likely not doable due to the different operating systems. What you could do is to set up the server from scratch on your Ubuntu Droplet as per the official instructions ...
    1 By j93hahn DigitalOcean Droplets Building on DigitalOcean DigitalOcean VPC Databases Programming Project
  • Question

    Does DigitalOcean support KVM or nested virtulzation ?

    Does DigitalOcean support KVM or nested virtualization ? I want to create a linux instance which supports KVM.
    Accepted Answer: Hello @animeshj755 Currently, DigitalOcean Droplets support KVM or nested virtualization in all regions. We do not recommend nested virtualization on the platform because there is often very poor performance. Instead...
    1 By animeshj755 DigitalOcean Droplets FAQ DigitalOcean Linux Basics Ubuntu 20.04 Debian 10 DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    How can I put my app (App Platform) in my VPC?

    As of right now, I could not find a way to put my App Platform's App in a VPC so that I can restrict access using Trusted Sources on my database. I can't add any app related information in my Trusted Sources of my dat...
    Accepted Answer: VPC functionality or the ability to list a database in trusted sources is on our roadmap, but not currently available. In the mean time we recommend using TLS to secure your connection and using strong passwords. Wa...
    1 By GiantGreenBlueStarfish DigitalOcean App Platform DigitalOcean VPC DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database
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    How to set up access to website hosted within VPC?

    I want to host my webserver inside a VPC. I do not plan to have it redundant and therefore I do not need load balancing. I set a gateway as described here (
    Accepted Answer: Hi, There are at least two configurations that allow you getting your web server from behind an internet gateway (from the internet): 1. Proxy set up on your internet gateway 2. Port redirection set up with your inter...
    1 By StephanH DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    Loadbalancer traffic request mirroring

    I have a load balancer and couple of droplets inside of it . I have some containers in my network for security analyze. I want to request mirror incoming HTTP traffic like port 80-> to port 3131 for analyze . I know ...
    Accepted Answer: Currently it isn't possible to mirror traffic that comes into your load balancer setup. However, if you want to mirror HTTP traffic you can setup nginx to do so as you have already mentioned. After the load balancer f...
    1 By DarkimPact DigitalOcean Managed Load Balancers Load Balancing DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    Firewall on VPC internet gateway blocking backend droplets internet connection

    I've set up a VPC with two droplets following the article at I have a problem where backend droplet cannot connect to the Internet throug...
    Accepted Answer: I found that ufw blocks routed traffic by default, so rules need to be added separately to allow such traffic to pass through.
    1 By sasha8f2a47b1620702cd212e2 DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    Access Private Network from Droplet

    Hello community, I have the following challenge I would appreciate any help, I created a Droplet in Digital Ocean which I will use as a Back-End Server for an application, this server requires to connect to a database...
    1 By rrodriguezStarfish Networking VPN DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    How to Set up Private IP (VPC) connection for a Vue frontend droplet and a Django API backend with Nginx and SSL

    Hi! I have an issue leveraging the Private IP and VPC functionality between two droplets for a simple frontend and backend app. I followed a tutorial to set up a Vue app on a droplet with Nginx and secure it with Let'...
    0 By BigCeruleanBoat DigitalOcean VPC DigitalOcean Droplets Vue.js Django Nginx Ubuntu 20.04
  • Question

    Docker image deployment in VPC

    I have my database in VPC and I want to deploy an APP inside the VPC via docker image which can connect to the database in the VPC network, but it should be able to listen to public traffic on http port 80. Can someon...
    1 By rajat499 Docker DigitalOcean VPC Firewall Deployment
  • Question

    Need Graphic Card VM in india region ASAP

    Hello Team, below is my requirement for the graphic card VM in India region. in order to grow my business with digital ocean. Component | Specification ------------- | ------------- Graphic card | GeForce GTX 1080 ...
    1 By vikram9554 Gaming DigitalOcean VPC CentOS PostgreSQL
  • Question

    VPS server question

    Can more than 1 person can log in to the same windows vps server and work on different desktops without seeing what the other is doing? If yes, how many people? And is there an extra price increase per user?
    1 By ikaleahflores DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    Some of the specified target droplets don't belong to the same VPC as the Load Balancer

    I have a simple Terraform definition of a kubernetes cluster and a load balancer that will point to the kubernetes nodes by tag. ``` resource "digitaloceankubernetescluster" "cluster" { name = "cluster" region =...
    1 By kickthemooon Load Balancing Kubernetes DigitalOcean VPC Terraform
  • Question

    VPC Gateway Setup problem

    I followed this tutorial ( to set up a gateway server and VPC-only backend server (I'll refer to them as GW and BE for brevity's sake...
    1 By CuriousFish DigitalOcean VPC Ubuntu 18.04 Linux Commands
  • Question

    Connect a managed Kubernetes to a on-premise company VPN

    We want to use, in our DO K8S cluster, some services running on premise behind our company VPN. Our approach is to use VPC gateway for all outbound traffic, as described here:
    1 By user2342 VPN DigitalOcean VPC Kubernetes DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Networking
  • Question

    Is it possible to connect my App, via private network, to my Droplet?

    Greetings, I have a django application hosted on the new App service and a droplet postgres database. They are currently communicating via a public network. Is it possible to connect them using a VPC or ip6 instead of...
    2 By andresMantaRay Django PostgreSQL DigitalOcean VPC IPv6 DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    vpc gateway setup for webapp and multiple users

    hello, i'm responsible to take our on-premise web crm (sugarcrm) and put on the cloud, as more sales people are working remotely. we're very concerned about security, thats why we want to put it on a vpc, but are not ...
    2 By ricardomalla DigitalOcean VPC Ubuntu 20.04
  • Question

    How does DO handle overlapping VPC IP space per customer?

    Referencing ... it read that a given customer can only have one VPC using, say, VPC network ranges cannot overlap with the ranges of other networks in the...
    1 By warren DigitalOcean VPC Networking DigitalOcean Accounts
  • Question

    Concept for connection/configuration between OpenStack and DO's VPC.

    I have an on-premise datacenter where is OpenStack and then I would like my on-premise directly connected to the VPC of DigitalOcean . (if my internet provider can provide an interconnect to DigitalOcean.) What are t...
    0 By Jamth DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    How do I use additional addresses within a VPC?

    I have an Ubuntu 20.04 droplet running LXC. By default, LXC containers uses a network local to the host/droplet. However, I want to "bridge" the container's network and assign each container an IP address from the VPC...
    1 By SergeantSquirtle DigitalOcean VPC
  • Question

    Unable to access droplets using private Ip (both droplets belong to same VPC)

    I am able to ping both the public and private IP from a another droplet. But can only telnet to publicip but not private Ip on a given port. Simply ``` telnet <publicip> 5432 - WORKS telnet <privateip> 5432 - DOE...
    1 By sudhakarduraiswamy DigitalOcean VPC