MEAN is a quick start boilerplate for creating applications based on MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and AngularJS.

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    • Question

      [App Platform] Deploy multiple SPA on same app platform issue

      Currently, I’m deploying my MEAN app to DO App Platform. I’ve deployed one angular static component and one expressjs server as web service component. Everything works fine, my angular component can call api from the ...
      1 answer8 months agoBy khanpham1995DigitalOcean App PlatformAngularMEANJavaScript
    • Question

      Mean Stack Droplet hosting setting

      Hello team i m a new Mean stack development i have purchased droplet but i don’t know how to host my website as when i purchased the droplet there was no option of one click select imagekindly guide me for hosting sha...
      No answers yet11 months agoBy FriendlyBlueGreenSnorklerMEAN
    • Question

      How I host my MEAN APP

      Hi There i am facing the problem i can’t host my MEAN APP on Digitalocean platform please help me out
      1 answer11 months agoBy FriendlyBlueGreenSnorklerAngularMEANMongoDBNode.js
    • Question

      i cannot upload image from digital ocean in mean stack project

      When I upload an image using multer in my node project(mean stack) i was able to upload image and store it in server side server/public/images. But when I add the project in digital ocean i was not able to upload imag...
      No answers yet12 months agoBy divyappMEANDigitalOceanNginx
    • Question

      Cannot upload images

      When I upload an image using multer in my mean stack local project I was able to upload image and store it in server side server/public/images. But when I add the project in digital ocean I was not able to upload imag...
      1 answer12 months agoBy merinannajosephAngularDigitalOcean DropletsMEANNode.jsNginx
    • Question

      Which Server to Choose for MEAN Stack ?

      I have developed a project on MEAN Stack and I want to deploy it on server, But I am confused which server to use. Will 2 CPU and 2GB RAM be enough to run MongoDB along with nodejs ?
      1 answer1 year agoBy sukhramsah504MongoDBMEANNode.jsCentOSPostgreSQL
    • Tutorial

      What is MEAN?

      MEAN is a free and open-source set of technologies for creating dynamic websites and web applications with JavaScript.
      1 year agoBy Lyn MuldrowGlossaryMEAN
    • Question

      How to deploy Mean stack app NOT MEAN.JS OR MEAN.IO !!!!!!!

      I have mean stack app in my local machine and I run the mean app with two apps. I start the project by typing ng serve after node app.js. How can I deploy this mean stack app?
      No answers yet2 years agoBy cedinckanAngularNode.jsMEAN
    • Question

      How to set up bitbucket pipelines docker deployment to kubernetes

      Ive been following this tutorial: Is there anything I need to do in Digital Oc...
      1 answer2 years agoBy G4G4NKubernetesDigitalOceanDockerMEANNode.js
    • Question

      Connect to http://localhost:3000 with NodeJs app. Connection refused

      Hello all.I run nodejs server on droplet and listening on port 3000.Get error when run command: curl http://localhost:3000 “Failed to connectto localhost port 3000: Connection refused”What can be reason?Thanks for help.
      2 answers2 years agoBy grifinfMEANNode.jsVue.jsMongoDB
    • Question

      MEAN stack - Angular SSR build killed

      I am having issue with deploying my MEAN stack application to droplet. Here is my droplet information - Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x641 vCPUs1GB / 25GB Disk I am following a tutorial to set up the application in droplet - h...
      No answers yet3 years agoBy Tauhidul AlamMEANJavaScriptMongoDBNode.js
    • Question

      What is the most straightforward/easiest way to create a droplet with a MEAN stack?

      There’s a one-click-app for Mongo and one for Node – which is a better starting point? I ask this because I have previously struggled to build a different stack.
      3 answers3 years agoBy cyclopsMEAN
    • Question

      Blocked by CORS policy: The 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' - Mean Stack

      I have a application with front end as angular js and api in node.js. Lately, i am unable to use anything due to CORS policy issue. . I tried adding permission in apache virtual host , but nothing seems to be working ...
      2 answers3 years agoBy infoc8fa8380fc94a1aac6aa70Node.jsMEANServer OptimizationUbuntu
    • Question

      Can I move a droplet form one account to another account of mine?

      Is there a way to move a droplet from one account to another digital ocean account, if yes what is the process.
      1 answer4 years agoBy Tejinder PaulMongoDBMEANNode.jsUbuntu
    • Question

      Can't figure out how to set up Hexo and NGINX Vhosts config.

      Hello everyone,I need help setting up a blog on my droplet. I have successfully deployed the blog using Hexo at but the problem is that the hexo blog redirects it to . Now, I ...
      Accepted Answer: SOLVED
      1 answer4 years agoBy harshmNode.jsNginxInitial Server SetupMEANUbuntu 18.04
    • Question

      How to send multiple checkboxes values to mongodb using meanstack (angular5)

      I tried to insert multiple check box values to mongodb
      No answers yet4 years agoBy bsiva0457MEAN
    • Question

      Recommended droplet for a low traffic MEAN server?

      I’m in the process of learning back-end development and I want to rent out a droplet to host my server. Eventually, the server will serve as a portfolio but I can’t imagine more then a couple visitors a day. Which dro...
      1 answer4 years agoBy QuantumPieMEANConfiguration ManagementDigitalOcean 1-Click Apps MarketplaceProgramming ProjectServer Optimization
    • Question

      Install MEAN app on root directory

      I had a programmer online make me a MEAN app but he has no clue how to install the app on a Ubuntu server. I deployed a MEAN server using the one click app on Digitalocean. How do I run this app on the main directory?...
      2 answers4 years agoBy merlysysMEANUbuntu 16.04
    • Question

      Has anybody installed stack successfully on DO

      I would like to know if anybody has installed and used on Digital Ocean. If there are any tutorials it would be great. If not I will set it up and write a tutorial at a later s...
      2 answers4 years agoBy Gokul NKMEANDebian
    • Question

      Need help setting up a remove development environment

      I’m a front-end developer and I’m constantly switching workstations where I work (the company is going through changes), and installing everything again every time is a pain. I just want to install one thing only on m...
      No answers yet4 years agoBy Adonai CandidoDevelopmentDigitalOceanMEANUbuntuUbuntu 16.04