MEAN is a quick start boilerplate for creating applications based on MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and AngularJS.

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  • Tutorial

    How To Install a MEAN.JS Stack on an Ubuntu 14.04 Server

    MEAN.JS is a robust full-stack solution meant to make building and deploying applications in JavaScript simple. In this guide, we will cover how to install and configure the MEAN components on an Ubuntu 14.04 server.
    By Justin Ellingwood MEAN MongoDB Node.js Ubuntu
  • Tutorial

    How To Connect Node.js to a MongoDB Database on a VPS

    In this tutorial, we will show how to use Node.js to connect to a MongoDB database in a VPS and do some basic data manipulations.
    By Adil Mezghouti MongoDB Node.js MEAN
  • Tutorial series

    DigitalOcean 1-Click Application Images

    This series links all of the DigitalOcean 1-Click Application images into a cohesive list. Articles are listed in the order that the images are shown on the create droplet screen. New articles are added as more applic...
    By Kamal Nasser, Andrew SB, Andy Rothfusz, Justin Ellingwood, Darian Wilkin, Etel Sverdlov, Ryan Quinn and Melissa Anderson One-Click Install Apps Ruby on Rails Nginx MySQL Ubuntu WordPress DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04 Python Django Python Frameworks PostgreSQL Docker Dokku Git Ghost MEAN MongoDB Node.js Drupal Applications LAMP Stack NoSQL Logging
  • Tutorial

    How To Install the MEAN Stack with MEAN.JS on CentOS 7

    In this guide, we will install a MEAN stack on a CentOS 7 server using MEAN.JS. Using this method involves first installing MongoDB, then NodeJS, then cloning the MEAN.JS files from GitHub.
    By finid MEAN Applications CentOS
  • Question

    How keep my app running after close Putty?

    Hello, i'm new in VPS and also here in Digital Ocean. Situation: I have a MEAN Stack one-click app. If access my droplet via Putty and start my app, it will run. But if I close Putty my app just shut down. Question: H...
    Accepted Answer: You could use screen :))
    1 By marcosmendes One-Click Install Apps MEAN Deployment VPN Ubuntu
  • Question

    Two different Node apps, with two different domains, in one droplet.

    Ok, for instance, I have two apps running on two different ports, using forever. Using a third app, how could you make go to and go to I've seen answers talking...
    Accepted Answer: The previous accepted answer included a simple configuration using HTTP. I've added on this repository ( ( a ...
    4 By franciscoknebel Node.js MEAN DNS Networking DigitalOcean Ubuntu
  • Question

    Can't figure out how to set up Hexo and NGINX Vhosts config.

    Hello everyone, I need help setting up a blog on my droplet. I have successfully deployed the blog using Hexo at but the problem is that the hexo blog redirects it to Now, I ...
    Accepted Answer: SOLVED
    1 By harshm Node.js Nginx Initial Server Setup MEAN Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    How to install a renewed SSL Godaddy in MEAN Stack

    Hello. How can i install a renewed version of a SSL certificate from Godaddy. I have two files .crt but is not clear to me the installation process.
    Accepted Answer: Hi @erickacevedor You are running Nginx, so you can find your site's configuration in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/. There you should see the current paths for the certificate. Then you simply replace those locations wit...
    2 By erickacevedor MEAN
  • Question

    Why is my default mean app running so slow?

    I created a 1gb droplet with the one click app selection of Mean 0.5.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. I bought a domain name and I'm using nginx to create a proxy server that routes to the default mean application under /opt/mean. ...
    Accepted Answer: @ajosephmartinez It's definitely not your NGINX configuration. I just deployed a test droplet with the same configuration and I'm experiencing the same extended delays. The default application is meant more so for te...
    1 By ajosephmartinez MEAN Nginx Node.js Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    DNS name not propagated

    Email service is down after pointing DNS record to Digital Ocean. Has been more tha 48 hours and yet no propagation!
    Accepted Answer: @neuroboticsinc To troubleshoot, we'd need your domain as well as what, if anything, was done other than changing your DNS. If you'd prefer to not provide your domain, you can visit (http://mxtoo...
    2 By neuroboticsinc MEAN Ubuntu
  • Question

    Blocked by CORS policy: The 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' - Mean Stack

    I have a application with front end as angular js and api in node.js. Lately, i am unable to use anything due to CORS policy issue. . I tried adding permission in apache virtual host , but nothing seems to be working ...
    2 By infoc8fa8380fc94a1aac6aa70 Node.js MEAN Server Optimization Ubuntu
  • Question

    Connect to http://localhost:3000 with NodeJs app. Connection refused

    Hello all. I run nodejs server on droplet and listening on port 3000. Get error when run command: curl http://localhost:3000 "Failed to connect to localhost port 3000: Connection refused" What can be reason? Thanks ...
    1 By grifinf MEAN Node.js Vue.js MongoDB
  • Question

    How to deploy Mean stack app NOT MEAN.JS OR MEAN.IO !!!!!!!

    I have mean stack app in my local machine and I run the mean app with two apps. I start the project by typing ng serve after node app.js. How can I deploy this mean stack app?
    0 By cedinckan Angular Node.js MEAN
  • Question

    How to set up bitbucket pipelines docker deployment to kubernetes

    Ive been following this tutorial: Is there anything I need to do in Digital Oc...
    1 By gs1ngh Kubernetes DigitalOcean Docker MEAN Node.js
  • Question

    MEAN stack - Angular SSR build killed

    I am having issue with deploying my MEAN stack application to droplet. Here is my droplet information - Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64 1 vCPUs 1GB / 25GB Disk I am following a tutorial to set up the application in droplet ...
    0 By tauhidcodeninja MEAN JavaScript MongoDB Node.js
  • Question

    Why does nginx return 404 not found from mean server when loading assets?

    I have an nginx reverse proxy that cannot get assets from upstream mean stack server. It's a single page app that is very small. The index file will load just fine but all assets respond with 404 not found. It works l...
    4 By amrtgaber Nginx Networking MEAN Node.js Deployment Configuration Management Ubuntu
  • Question

    How do I access mongo shell?

    So I SSH as root into my droplet's terminal and I want to access the mongo shell to drop my documents from my mongodb database. How do I got about this? I tried mongo and i got Failed global initialization: BadVal...
    1 By laohasongkramsu MongoDB MEAN DigitalOcean Ubuntu
  • Question

    What is the most straightforward/easiest way to create a droplet with a MEAN stack?

    There's a one-click-app for Mongo and one for Node -- which is a better starting point? I ask this because I have previously struggled to build a different stack.
    3 By cyclops MEAN
  • Question

    Ubuntu 16.04 mean.js installation (without using one click app)

    I am trying to install mean.js on my ubuntu 16.04 using the following guide. And I keep getting stuck at the grunt stage.
    10 By tengyong80 MEAN Node.js Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Can I move a droplet form one account to another account of mine?

    Is there a way to move a droplet from one account to another digital ocean account, if yes what is the process.
    1 By tpsteji MongoDB MEAN Node.js Ubuntu