Object Storage

Object Storage is a data storage architecture that manages data as objects, instead of as a file hierarchy or blocks.

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    How to enable SSL for Subdomain - domain with name cheap, website on VPS and storage with DO

    Hi i have my domain over at namecheap.com. I have my website mydomain.com with my VPS provider. I have my storage files in DO Spaces. I have successfully created and connected to DO spaces by creating a CNAME over at ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @Kay86, Going over the documentation a couple of times, you would need to upload your custom SSL certificate from the panel. This means you'll need to have it generated else where. Another option would be to make y...
    2 By Kay86 Object Storage DigitalOcean Spaces Security Configuration Management
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    Spaces, subdomain, cname - invalid SSL

    Hey there. I'm trying to use spaces for my first time as I like the idea about using it as CDN. However, I'm trying to point my own CDN subdomain to the DO cdn URL. I'm using Cloudflare to manage my domain and I've up...
    Accepted Answer: Got it working now, no idea how but it's working
    2 By Geekologist CDN DigitalOcean Spaces DNS Object Storage Security
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    Is it possible to mount DO Spaces as external storage in Nextcloud as I mount AWS S3 storage?

    I'm using $5 Droplet for my Nextcloud instance. It is possible to mount AWS S3 buckets in Nextcloud as an external storage. So is it possible to mount Spaces as S3?
    Accepted Answer: Yes! Spaces was designed to be compatible with S3 in order to take advantage of existing integration just like this. In order to mount a Space for external storage, you first need to enable the External Storage Suppor...
    5 By Waad Object Storage
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    Why can I use "http://localhost:PORT" with CORS in Spaces?

    Safari doesn't respect my wildcard rule in CORS but Firefox and Chrome do. None of the suggestions in this StackOverflow post helped either: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16824661/cors-request-not-working-in-saf...
    Accepted Answer: Thanks for flagging this issue for us. It looks like the input validation in our control panel is a bit too strict here. As a work-around until this experience is improved, you can create CORs configurations for Space...
    5 By NetOperatorWibby Object Storage
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    Are there any plans to share Droplet Transfer Pool with Spaces?

    We're using a very small portion of our monthly droplet transfer pool. We're also planning on using spaces with CDN to serve media content. Since spaces bandwith billing is seperate from droplets it seems cheaper to u...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, At this time we don't have any plans to merge the bandwidth pools. Spaces do include 1TB/mo of bandwidth that you can use without overage fees. Learn more in our Spaces product docs (https://www.digitalocea...
    1 By beyazarge DigitalOcean Object Storage CDN Billing
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    s3cmd SignatureDoesNotMatch

    Problem When I try to use s3cmd it exits with the following error: ERROR: S3 error: 403 (SignatureDoesNotMatch) Attempted Solutions I have tried regenerating my keys as other similar questions suggested. Context I a...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, I do not consider myself an expert on s3cmd, and I realize that you already have a configuration file, but can you try setting up the configuration specifically by the steps we've outlined here? https://ww...
    1 By noahhuppert Object Storage Storage
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    Which is better for Nextcloud for performance and reliability: Spaces or Block Storage

    I need to store ~100GB of data in the cloud using Nextcloud. Would Spaces or Block Storage be best from a performance and reliability perspective?
    Accepted Answer: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/object-storage-vs-block-storage-services
    1 By ashgoodman Applications Block Storage Object Storage Ubuntu 18.04
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    How do I create a versioned bucket in Spaces?

    The API doc for Spaces says that Bucket Versioning is supported, but only via the API. But I cannot see in the API doc how to create or use a bucket with versioning enabled. Any help appreciated!
    Accepted Answer: Hello friend! Versioning is currently something that you can enable through the S3 compatible Spaces API. Currently this is the best documentation I can locate on the matter: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/lates...
    1 By cespe Object Storage
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    Spaces Access Keys - All are R/W?

    Was looking into using DO Spaces but from what I can see, Access Keys generated for this service don't seem to be able to be limited in any way? I was ideally looking to generate a r/w access key and a read-only acces...
    Accepted Answer: Yes you can create READ only access through ACLs supported by spaces, you can find more documentation for it here: https://developers.digitalocean.com/documentation/spaces/#acls
    1 By sphen API Object Storage Security
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    Does Spaces have data protection?

    Are there any data protection/durability mechanism in place for DigitalOcean Spaces? In other words, what guarantees there are that my data does not get lost?
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Great question! We do have redundancy in our stack, but I kind of want to go a different direction than expected. I could go on about what we do to keep your data safe, but the truth is those are all stand...
    1 By stumelius Object Storage
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    Can I attach "Spaces" to my droplet and use it as storage for my git repository?

    Hello, as the title says I am wondering if I can attach the "Spaces" serbice to my droplet and use it as storage for my git repository?
    Accepted Answer: Technically, you can but it's not as easy. You should look at this: https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse The Spaces API is AWS S3 compatible, meaning it shares the same functionality.
    1 By MostHated Object Storage Git Ubuntu
  • Question

    CORS spaces public

    Greetings, I am new to spaces and pretty much excited what DO is accomplishing . Setup and upload was easy using node.js aws-sdk, I have few large JSON files which I want to serve API-Like for the client Unfortunatel...
    Accepted Answer: @rudixlab we just added support for CORS configuration via the UI this week. You can find it on the 'Settings' tab of any Space. Hope this helps!
    2 By rudixlab Object Storage
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    Contents of ETag returned from Spaces isn't always MD-5

    https://developers.digitalocean.com/documentation/spaces/#list-bucket-contents says that the returned ETag contains a MD5 hash of the object. I've done some checking and whilst in most cases, the ETag contains the ex...
    Accepted Answer: Thanks for flagging this for us. It does look like the docs are missing a bit of detail here and need an update. Spaces was designed to be compatible with the S3 API, and its usage of ETag is consistent with S3's beha...
    1 By AlephNull API Object Storage
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    Spaces Presigned POST

    Using the ruby aws-sdk gem, presigned post uploads work correctly with AWS S3 proper and fail when attempting on Spaces. So there is some kind of non-interoperability going on. I setup everything following this guide,...
    Accepted Answer: Here is a working example using the aws-sdk-v1 gem, which is required until Spaces supports v4 signatures. ``` class FoobarController < ApplicationController layout false def index AWS.config( accesskeyi...
    4 By PDGBen Object Storage
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    S3Cmd ignore file type

    I want to send lots of files to the spaces, however, I want to specify only a few file extensions. I tried to use the "--include-from" pointing to a file with the list of extensions that I want to send but it does not...
    Accepted Answer: When you run s3cmd sync, it will try to sync all of the files in the directory that you pointed it at. Adding --include does not change that as the files you are including are already in the set of files being uploade...
    2 By clebersoncs Object Storage DigitalOcean CentOS
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    Support for Signed Url with custom policy?

    I can see in the other questions that support for signed url does exist with a canned policy. Just want to know if custom policy is also supported? thanks!
    Accepted Answer: Just got a reply from DO support team via email: Signed URL's are able to be used as long at they are signed with v2 signature type. Other versions aren't currently supported.
    1 By user2 Object Storage Ubuntu
  • Question

    Setting Signed Cookies for a folder in Spaces

    Is it possible to set signed cookies for a folder in Spaces? Just need a way to allow temporary access to all files in a folder. Access can either be based on url or cookies.
    Accepted Answer: Spaces does not support signed cookies right now unfortunately. Please add this suggestion to our UserVoice board: http://do.co/uservoice
    1 By user2 Object Storage Ubuntu
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    Using S3.php to handle Space actions, deleteObject fails.

    Hello, Is everyone here using the S3.php to handle Space actions from PHP code? amazon-s3-php-class (https://github.com/tpyo/amazon-s3-php-class) Everything is working so far beside the deleteObejct call, When I try t...
    0 By Geekologist DigitalOcean Spaces DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl) PHP Development DigitalOcean Object Storage Programming Project
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    Check object storage status

    Hello Please tell me if there was any problem with object storage(space) from 14:50 to 15:25 as of today (2020-07-21) Korea time. During this time, object storage was not accessible or configured. Even the video file ...
    1 By hw038 Object Storage
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    Spacess, CDN and CORS settings

    Hey everyone :) I'm still playing around using spaces for my web development and so far I really dig it. However I'm facing an issue about using the right CORS setting, I'm not sure if it on DO space I need to set th...
    1 By Geekologist CDN Apache Object Storage PHP