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    How can I run a rake task in my production environment?

    I have set up a rake task that I want to run once an hour using a cron expression. I got it working on my local dev environment, but I can't get it to work on my production environment hosted here. I have the followin...
    Accepted Answer: HI! Let me see if I can help. The first thing that comes to mind is that you do need to set the environment and use bundle. Be sure you're in the root of your rails app, and that you're using the user your app runs as...
    1 By donkerbc Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Ruby Ubuntu 18.04
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    How to manage user privileges in PostgreSQL cluster with multiple databases/users?

    I want to use a single Managed PostgreSQL cluster from DO to host multiple applications (since they're all small, there's no need to have a unique cluster per app). From what I've gathered, permissions and user privil...
    Accepted Answer: Hey @slig - This syntax should work perfectly! Cheers!
    1 By slig DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database PostgreSQL
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    Remote access to PostgreSQL with pgAdmin

    I can't access remotely to a PostgreSQL, with pgAdmin database installed on an Ubuntu 16.04 droplet, with the Wordpress one install. I would like to import a dump file, with the database settings from my local compute...
    Accepted Answer: @aleixalcover When doing a port scan on, only ports 22 and 80 seem to be open, so if you need to connect remotely, you'd need to open port 5432 in the firewall to be able to connect. Since you're on Ub...
    2 By aleixalcover PostgreSQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    How can I obtain the Client certificate and Client private key for the managed PostgreSQL

    How can I obtain the Client certificate and Client private key for the managed PostgreSQL? Google Data Studio require both Clieny cert and pk in addition to the server certificate. I'm almost giving up. I might just...
    Accepted Answer: I can only guess you need to create a key, a signing request, and finally a certificate, in that order. The typical way to do that is with OpenSSL: $ openssl genpkey ... -out <key-file> $ openssl req -in <key-file> ....
    2 By vidzero27 PostgreSQL
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    How to import Geopackages into Postgres/Postgis database?

    Hi everyone, I would like to know how to import a Geopackage file containing raster into a Postgis database. I tried with gdal library "ogr2ogr". This is the command line I used: ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL PG:"dbname='data...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, I think that your firewall might be blocking your connections on port 5432, so I would suggest running the command locally from your Droplet. What you should usually do is: SSH to your Droplet (https://www.digi...
    1 By Heryx PostgreSQL Linux Commands Linux Basics
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    Cannot connect my postgresql db to my netcore project

    I want to use my postgresql db from digital ocean in my webpage. Before i create this db, i have a free one for test and is working fine, but this new its not working. I can connect from pgadmin to the db. My web proj...
    Accepted Answer: Hello, You would need to download the certificate for your PostgreSQL cluster via the DigitalOcean control panel and then upload it to your Droplet. You need to place the certificate at: ~/.postgresql/postgresql.crt...
    1 By PalumboWeb Databases PostgreSQL
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    GraphQL API server for a Postgres database?

    I'm building a single-page app that loads data via a graphql API. What are my options for setting up a simple graphql API in front of a Postgres database? I'm already running a digitalocean postgres database cluster. ...
    Accepted Answer: Hi aha, I'll try and provide you with the best options I've seen so far: Digital Ocean's own tutorial If you are a looking for a quick integration of <^>GraphQL<^> with <^>PostgreSQL<^> while utilizing <^>Docker<^>, y...
    2 By AHA PostgreSQL Development Docker
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    Managed Postgres Clusters: pg_restore errors for superuser privileges

    I'm trying to import a database with pg_restore to a managed postgres cluster but I get the following error: could not execute query: ERROR: must be superuser to create an operator class I'm connecting as "doadmin" w...
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, At this time it isn't possible to create a superuser with DO Managed Databases; this bars operator class access as a superuser is always needed to create one. We're learning more about Managed Databases eve...
    8 By maxovolab PostgreSQL
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    How can I setup a docker postgres container on DigitalOcean and connect to it?

    I've created a droplet with docker pre-installed I've pulled the official Postgres image and used the following command to run it docker run --name postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=****** -e POSTGRES_USER=**** -d postgr...
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend! For that first part, run this instead: docker run -p 5432:5432 --name postgres -e POSTGRESPASSWORD=****** -e POSTGRESUSER=**** -d postgres The container may expose the port, but this will bind it to a port...
    1 By ajarinteractive PostgreSQL Docker DigitalOcean Ubuntu 18.04
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    Will we ever access our managed databases through private IP?

    So I've started using the managed databases, granted I impulsively did it, not for leaving MySQL intentionally, I would have stayed if that launched first, but because of a reliable cluster. But anyways. Is there a sp...
    Accepted Answer: Private IP connectivity is now supported for Managed Databases!
    3 By Satan PostgreSQL Ubuntu 18.04
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    Will it ever be possible to tune our managed Postgres database by running ALTER SYSTEM commands?

    I am trying to run ALTER SYSTEM commands to tune my postgresql managed database, but those commands need to be ran by a superuser. Will we ever get access to this?
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Great question! Andy, Jason, and Andre briefly discussed this question on our Slack. I wanted to relay the answer. Right now there is no direct plan to expose that kind of ability, but we will definitely c...
    1 By jft PostgreSQL Databases
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    Any update on Managed PostgreSQL?

    Hi. I'm looking to deploy a new project over the next couple of weeks, and I need a Postgres database. I signed up for the Managed Database Services beta back in October, and I'll want to use it as soon as it becomes ...
    Accepted Answer: Managed PostgreSQL is available to all users as of Feb 14 2019. Read the announcement post here: Find the product documentation here: https://...
    1 By markrendle PostgreSQL Databases
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    Postgres not able to start

    I have a problem with postgres not being able to start: Starting PostgreSQL 9.5 database server * The PostgreSQL server failed to start. Ple...
    Accepted Answer: As the error message indicates, you appear to not have enough available memory to start the service. You can check your available memory at any time by running the command: free -m When you see this error, aside fr...
    1 By bobanda PostgreSQL Ubuntu
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    High use of Bandwidth private

    Is it possible to know why my droplet has a high use of private bandwidth and for what other droplet it calls? This cause a high load average too. Example: Example link (
    Accepted Answer: Hey there, There are different ways of going about this, but I really like iftop for this purpose. I was able to locate a great guide on how to install it:
    1 By ElTommy Apache PostgreSQL Elasticsearch Ubuntu 16.04
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    My non-production Postgres DB got Hacked ... what are some of the good strategies to secure the Postgres DB on Ubuntu 16.04 ?

    I take full responsibility for my lack of efforts for securing my server. I took no precautions to secure my Database. But still I wanted to make everyone aware that my Postgres DB on Ubuntu 16.04 was Hacked. and hack...
    Accepted Answer: My expertise is not in database security, but I would start with this article:
    2 By sumeet0587 PostgreSQL Security Ubuntu 16.04
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    Postgresql database server not working in iso recovery mode.

    My droplet data was compromised. So I setup my droplet in iso recovery mode I can access my files but i can not access my database server. I am using postgresql as database.
    Accepted Answer: The Recovery ISO is a standalone Linux environment. Instead of booting your droplet's disk your droplet is directed to boot using the kernel and operating system located within the recovery ISO. This allows even a d...
    1 By sultanyawar Ruby Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL
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    Problem with accessing postgresql in one-click rails droplet

    Hello, I created new rails application using one-click installation. It gave me two users: root and rails. When I try to run migrations on my rails user, it says: RAILS_ENV=production rails db:migrate =>rake aborted...
    Accepted Answer: When I deployed the Ruby on Rails one click application these were all of the commands I used to get to the psql command line: root@ruby-rails:~# su - rails rails@ruby-rails:~$ psql After switching to the rails user a...
    1 By wilgoszpl PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails One-Click Install Apps Ubuntu 16.04
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    Nginx for django app and pelican website?

    Following this great tutorial ( I was able to configure my website to run the django app I'm devel...
    Accepted Answer: Using two different Nginx server blocks would be the right approach if you are serving one of the sites from a different domain or sub-domain. If you'd like to serve the Django app from a sub-folder, you will need to ...
    1 By lucamoiana Nginx Django PostgreSQL Ubuntu 16.04
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    Recommended droplet size for wordpress and Joomla combo

    Hi guys, can you tell me how much System requirments I need to run WordPress, Joomla and do occasional run php and python webpages on... Let me give you a bit of context.. I want to learn how to fully customize wp and...
    Accepted Answer: It would be nice to know what size droplet you currently are working with. I'm going to guess a 512 MB droplet based on the challenges you're encountering. My experience with a LAMP stack is that 1 GB helps you get by...
    6 By darknite Apache MySQL PostgreSQL PHP Python CentOS
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    Django 1.8.7 on Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't show a PostgreSQL in default database connections like in 14.04.

    Django on Ubuntu 14.04 (one click app) offers a PostgreSQL by default. This isn't the case in 16.04 - is this an installation error or has the feature been removed?
    Accepted Answer: Hi @ShahrukhAhmed The 16.04 image should include PostgreSQL, just like the 14.04 image. Don't you see the database details in the Message Of The Day, when you login thru SSH?
    1 By ShahrukhAhmed Django Python PostgreSQL One-Click Install Apps Ubuntu 16.04