Server Optimization

There are a myriad of ways to configure a server to use resources more efficiently and decrease load per user, thereby improving performance and reducing the risk of failure.

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    • Question

      Droplet loading speed extremely slow

      I am using a 4 GB Memory / 2 Intel vCPUs / 80 GB Disk / NYC1 - Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64 for a FiveM server. Everything works, but the loading time to get into the server is 3 minutes, while my old hosting was only 50 se...
      1 answer27 days agoBy BubblyAquamarineBoatGamingNetworkingServer Optimization
    • Tutorial

      How To Install and Secure Memcached on Ubuntu 22.04

      In this guide, you will install and configure a Memcached server. You’ll also add authentication to secure Memcached using Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL). Finally, you’ll learn how to bind Memcached t...
      2 months agoBy Jamon CamissoCachingFirewallInteractiveServer OptimizationUbuntu 22.04SecurityUbuntu
    • Tutorial

      An Introduction to HAProxy and Load Balancing Concepts

      An introduction to basic load balancing concepts and terminology, using HAProxy, with some examples.
      3 months agoBy Mitchell AnicasServer OptimizationScalingConceptualHAProxy
    • Question

      Wordpress Eror 502/504/524 (in certain time)

      Helo. Recently, our website is getting error 502/504 in certain time. the error often happen at 10 AM and 02 PM in Indonesia time. besides, we get 524 error. in addition, when the website is error, our CPU and memory ...
      2 answers3 months agoBy SandyLightCyanSubmarineNginxServer OptimizationWordPress
    • Question

      Handling multiple instances on one server

      Hi, How to deploy multiple instances of same web application on one server which would be accessed by different client, How could I achieve this use case,
      1 answer4 months agoBy FloatingGreenBlueSquidBuilding a SaaSInitial Server SetupNginxServer Optimization
    • Question

      Domain Redirecting to "/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage"

      Hello Team, I have recently moved my website from Namecheap to Digital Ocean. I have installed the SSL and everything. However, my domain is ending up with /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage error. As there is no Cpanel or WHM i...
      No answers yet5 months agoBy mosaabjamalahmed89Initial Server SetupServer Optimization
    • Question

      How to stop sigsegv with ffmpeg?

      Hello, I’m running a droplet with 1vcpu and 2GB of ram and I have a script that takes the video and audio URLs from the Reddit API and attempts to merge them into one video using FFmpeg. It works on my Windows 10 PC w...
      No answers yet5 months agoBy SyntaxisCSAPINode.jsServer Optimization
    • Question

      Nextcloud HEIC support

      HEIC support will not work on Nextcloud. I followed the tutorial for deploying a nextcloud server on an Ubuntu 18.04 droplet. Everything works well; I can access it through the web and the app. The functonality is the...
      1 answer5 months agoBy AdamUbuntu 18.04DigitalOcean DropletsInitial Server SetupApachePHPServer Optimization
    • Question

      AMD with more that 8 CPU?

      Hi,I would like to resize my droplet from 2CPU AMD to something more powerfull. I expect huge trafic and for this purpose I would like to have min 32CPU and I don’t see any option. It is true, that DigitalOcean offer ...
      1 answer6 months agoBy dingosaurusServer Optimization
    • Question

      Cache Doesn't Improve Request Per Second

      Hello-there! In many tutorials, caching significantly improves requests per second using benchmarking tools like WRK and AB. For some reason, caching doesn’t seem to improve request per second at all - it ​might even ...
      1 answer7 months agoBy davidlittlefieldCoralServer OptimizationCachingNginxHAProxy
    • Question

      How to setup https for our droplet

      Hi, can you please help with us to give information about how we can setup https to our droplets? in our droplets located IOS application, and we need secure our application. thank you.
      1 answer7 months agoBy egasanliServer Optimization
    • Question

      Web server is returning an unknown error

      I run popunder ad campaigns and my website stops working as soon as visitor go above 500 on Google Analytics. I m Currently using: Basic / 1 GB / 3 vCPUs. I don’t know what should I do from stop this from happening.
      1 answer7 months agoBy jamessitton044Server Optimization
    • Question

      Open Litespeed vs. Nginx vs. Apache comparison

      It seems what is missing on DigitalOcean community is a deep discussion about the major difference between these 3 web servers: OpenLitespeed (Litespeed) vs. Apache vs. Nginx So let us begin a new question here to tal...
      No answers yet7 months agoBy rickchazApacheNginxServer Optimization
    • Question

      What is the physical location of the LON1 data centre?

      Can anyone at DO confirm the physical location of the LON1 data centre? I can’t seem to find this information on the DO website. I need to confirm details of the data centre physical security for our security policy w...
      1 answer7 months agoBy Malcolm ElsworthServer OptimizationSecurityDigitalOcean
    • Question

      This site can’t be reached: took too long to respond.

      Today when tried to log in to my WordPress dashboard, I can’t!And I tried to log in to cyberpanel control panel but I can’t, first I saw 503 error then I tried to Turn off Droplet then Turn on Droplet from digitalocea...
      1 answer7 months agoBy engmta888Server Optimization
    • Question

      Why Does Optimized Website Have Lower RPS Than Unoptimized Website?

      I have one web server that only has security configurations. I have another web server that has the same security configurations, plus the following optimizations: webp, compression, cache, faster nameservers, http2, ...
      1 answer8 months agoBy davidlittlefieldCoralServer OptimizationNginxUbuntuDigitalOcean DropletsSecurity
    • Question

      Everything spiked and got 5XX error and NGINX error - [alert] 12197#0: *2936829

      Hi,Suddenly the CPU and Bandwidth spiked on its own 2 times and the site went down for 5-10 mins. Image - Example link Checking logs saw this error - [alert] 12197#0: *2936829 socket() f...
      2 answers8 months agoBy SP1NginxServer OptimizationApache
    • Question

      Send Emails Allowed

      please allow send emails, DigitalOcean already works with many users using services like cpanel, this users uses services like contact form, not email marketing, is important to user send email from droplet, only bloc...
      1 answer8 months agoBy droplet04becf08ba5cbc7a496EmailServer Optimization
    • Question

      Can optimized website load in 1 second after inactivity using droplet?

      Information: Problem:The website I’m hosting on a droplet takes between 1.15 and 1.5 seconds to load after inactivity. It only takes between 200 to 500 milliseconds afterward. Is t...
      1 answer8 months agoBy davidlittlefieldNginxServer OptimizationDigitalOcean DropletsDigitalOcean SpacesCDNUbuntu 18.04Load BalancingHTML
    • Question

      CPU Memory and other requirements

      I run on a baremetal server virtual system 128GB memory and 14 CPU’s do I need the same in a droplet? Regards Tjeerd
      Accepted Answer: Hello, For 128GB memory, I would recommend going with the Memory optimized Droplets. Also, what I usually do before moving to a new server is to check my current resources utilization and make sure that I actually nee...
      2 answers8 months agoBy tsEelCentOSServer Optimization