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    Where are Cron Job errors logged?

    As the title states. Where are the crontab errors logged and what is the name of the file? I'm not sure what the name of the file is so I have no clue what to search on with find -iname "file name here"..
    Accepted Answer: By default on Ubuntu your cron output should be logged to /var/log/syslog If you would like cron to log to it's own file you can edit /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf and uncomment the line ``` cron.* ``` Then run s...
    1 By fandrev87482a4aafc8df6927f Apache DigitalOcean Development PHP Storage System Tools Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Marktplace do Wordpress

    I'm new here at Digital Ocean I installed a WP marketplace, I did it twice:   Social Network Center / 1 GB memory / 25 GB disk / FRA1 - Ubuntu WordPress on 18.04 solved here https://www.redesoc...
    Accepted Answer: Hi, Without having a look at your config I can not tell much but I believe that the problem is the following: With backupbuddy you've specified your new URL with https:// As your domain is not pointing to the server's...
    1 By brunogalloti WordPress DNS Let's Encrypt System Tools
  • Question

    Does Digital Ocean allow games on servers ?

    Hey all, Does Digital Ocean allow games on servers ? I want open server gamer on droplets here. It is allowed to open game servers, I will not have problems of contract with the digital ocean? Ty.
    Accepted Answer: Hey friend, Absolutely, have at it and have fun! The only thing I want to make you aware of is that CPU is a shared resource. Maxing out the available CPU for extended periods of time can be deemed abusive, and we may...
    1 By MiniBoss System Tools CentOS
  • Question

    Ubuntu 18.04 - systemctl file

    Greetings, I have just updated my server Ubuntu version from 16.04. to 18.04. During the installation I preferred to keep my current version of the systemctl file. I previously made some adjustments regarding swap con...
    Accepted Answer: @namikmesic To my knowledge, no changes would need to be made. If the service file for a specific piece of software is managed upstream (through repositories) and a change is needed, it'll come down as that software ...
    2 By namikmesic Configuration Management System Tools Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    How to Free Swap Memory? - How to Clear Swap Memory?

    Hi, I am using serverpilot. 512 MB swap memory is filled with inactivate pages. I want to know how to free swap memory? 1) How to clear this ? 2) How to increase Swap memory? 3) I need to login as root or serverpilot?
    Accepted Answer: This question was answered by @saurabh: Hey, here is an article that might help you: View the original comment (https://www.dig...
    1 By Bharat1987 Nginx CMS Configuration Management WordPress Apache Linux Commands System Tools Monitoring Server Optimization Ubuntu
  • Question

    Cant SSH via local machine until I login through web-based console. UFW Rate Limiting

    Every now and then I can't login with a user or root account via ssh on my machine, I get denied. If I go through the web based console I can, and then it seems to 'unlock' my local machine and I can login again via t...
    Accepted Answer: was a fail2ban issue. My mistake.
    1 By 627 System Tools Ubuntu 18.04
  • Question

    How to use cloud-init to mount block storage that's already formatted and ready to mount?

    I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 on a droplet using Terraform. I have an existing volume that's already been formatted that I would like to mount to /home so I can persist my user directory between applications from terraform....
    Accepted Answer: The cloud-config docs are indeed less than ideal... I took some time to investigate this and discussed it with one of our engineers. It looks like due to changes in the version shipping with Ubuntu 16.04, the mounts m...
    1 By davidkolb System Tools Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable?

    I want to remove all droplets in my account and keep it running with stored snapshots and domains, is this applicable? and how much will it cost?
    Accepted Answer: I think this will be fine, we don't delete accounts unless you instruct us to do so. Snapshot pricing is outlined on the /pricing page We're not a DNS registrar and at the curre...
    1 By business3ee5aed System Tools Billing Configuration Management Conceptual Control Panels
  • Question

    why is apt-get update saying can't execute apt-key?

    Since upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04.01, every time I try apt-get update, I see: W: GPG error: xenial-security InRelease: Could not execute 'apt-key' to verify signature (is gnupg installe...
    Accepted Answer: The real answer in my case was that my kernel was way out of date (although for the life of me I can't understand why that would make any difference). It was failing in execve (returning EPERM). I hadn't noticed that ...
    4 By mlv System Tools Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Cron files task ubuntu

    Hello guys, My VPS is generating miliaries of files every minute with the names: Cron.1 Cron.2 Cron.3 ... Cron.5000 Within each file there is the phrase: Cron task processed! The location of the files is always in / h...
    Accepted Answer: It's likely a cron job that runs and provides some feedback on its run. Try this from the console/command line: crontab -u admin -l
    2 By rafaeloliveiraz System Tools Automated Setups Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    How to setup auto-healing droplets?

    We are in the process of moving from AWS where we have a highly available system setup using EC2's auto scaling feature. However, we aren't using this to change the size of the pool based on resource usage, we are str...
    Accepted Answer: We ended up writing our own solution to somewhat mimic the behavior in EC2. We called it healthcare.js and open-sourced it at Essentially, it uses the DigitalOcean API and ta...
    3 By goldfire API Configuration Management Deployment High Availability Load Balancing Scaling System Tools Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question

    Move snapshot from one droplet to another existing droplet?

    What I'm trying to achieve is something like this: Take a snapshot of my droplet (which is doing production work at the moment) Use the snapshot to spin up a droplet. Do some development on the new, non-production dro...
    Accepted Answer: Yes. You can do this. It sounds like you have the process down but are just missing one piece. You can deploy any snapshot (as long as it exists in the same datacenter, you can copy a snapshot to new datacenters fr...
    2 By jschauer Development System Tools DigitalOcean CentOS
  • Question

    Why is the root directory in a DO wordpress droplet group writable?

    Hello, I have created droplet with wordpress 4.9.1 on ubuntu 16.04 using standard Digital Ocean one-click-app creator. After installation everything had been working properly but after a while I figured out that ufw w...
    Accepted Answer: Thanks for reaching out! I created a WordPress droplet and were able to confirm this is occurring. To answer your questions: I reached out to our Kernels and Images team to investigate this and ensure that the permi...
    2 By totomasz WordPress System Tools Ubuntu 16.04
  • Question No such file or directory?

    I got this error message to email multiple times in a day : Failed loading /usr/lib/php/20121212/ /usr/lib/php/20121212/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory System is: ubuntu...
    Accepted Answer: It appears that this has occurred to some users after a PHP upgrade. Resolving it will likely mean identifying the location of your file and updating your php.ini to match. These threads include several su...
    1 By msihe PHP System Tools Open Source Ubuntu
  • Question

    Droplet Environment Variables Disappearing

    I have a Ghost droplet that I recently noticed was not taking image uploads as indicated by the following code that appeared when I tried to upload from the markdown editor file explorer ![]([object Object]). As a res...
    Accepted Answer: @connordphillips When you use export, whether it's in .profile, .bash_profile, or another file that's loaded when you login to SSH, the exported data will only persist for that session (i.e. until that SSH user logs ...
    3 By connordphillips Nginx Configuration Management System Tools Linux Commands Ghost Ubuntu
  • Question

    SSH Operation not permitted

    SSH was working perfectly to my server but suddenly I started getting this error "Operation not permitted". Console access, which was also working, now requires a login/password. I haven't made any changes - this sudd...
    Accepted Answer: Interesting - rebooting my Mac resolved the issue. Thanks.
    2 By bhavinv System Tools Ubuntu
  • Question

    Does Shutdown Erase Data

    Hi, I have a wordpress site running on a server, and I unfortunately need to reset the root password because I forgot it. To do that I need to shutdown. Does a shutdown erase data, such as the files and database for m...
    Accepted Answer: If you're worried about possibly losing data, I'd shut down the MySQL service then shut down the entire server. Any data written to disk should be preserved so long as the server is shutdown gracefully through the com...
    1 By luke97d4411e3cca2db624b83f DigitalOcean WordPress System Tools Storage Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu
  • Question

    Help - Server wont boot after migration!

    Hi - I'm getting an error on my ubuntu server after it was migrated during the digital ocean maintenance window. The console says RAMDISK: gzip image found at block 0 RAMDISK: incomplete write (4871 != 24070) write e...
    Accepted Answer: Fixed it myself - the kernel ramdisk had become corrupted in the transfer. Halted the machine, installed a new kernel via the control panel, and boot the machine. Console came up but no networking. Module deps weren't...
    4 By ukrossco Block Storage DigitalOcean Storage System Tools Ubuntu
  • Question

    How to Use Su with FreeBSD 11?

    I understand that the root user doesn't have a password, and that, for security reasons, direct root access isn't available via SSH. That said, there are some instances, such as viewing the contents of directories cre...
    Accepted Answer: Try using toor account, like: sudo su - toor Iirc the shell login for root is disabled. One you login as toor you can change this to enable shell for root.
    1 By BBradley Security Getting Started System Tools FreeBSD
  • Question

    I have tried to access the droplet digital console, it displays black screen, when I click on it everything hangs.It's so frustrtaing!

    Tried it severally but not working. The only thing I did was to change my password yesterday. Please help. Thanks
    Accepted Answer: @stankoech The web-based console can be finicky depending on the browser you're using, so it's often best to use either Terminal on MacOS or PuTTy on Windows 8/10 to SSH in to your server and access the CLI. The cons...
    4 By stankoech DigitalOcean FAQ System Tools Ubuntu 16.04