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  • Tech talk

    Utilizing Security Features in SSH

    Securely manage remote systems by making use of the full set of security features SSH has to offer, including strong encryption algorithms, ssh agents, two-factor authentication, and more.
    By Mason Egger Security Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    Pain-Free Quarterly Planning for Product & Engineering Teams

    Tools to engage and align your entire team in your quarterly goal-setting and planning process.
    By Antonio Rosales & John Gannon Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    Securing Your Kubernetes Cluster From Threats

    Known vulnerabilities in Kubernetes, potential risks, and best security practices to follow while designing a Kubernetes cluster.
    By Saurabh Gupta Kubernetes Security Tech Talks
  • How To Build a Custom Terraform Module

    Terraform modules encapsulate distinct logical components of your infrastructure by grouping their resources together. In this tutorial, you'll create a Terraform module that will set up multiple Droplets behind a Loa...
    By Savic Terraform Cloud Computing
  • Tech talk

    Top 10 Security Practices for Protecting Your Infrastructure

    From firewalls, to user privileges, to access controls — this talk will not only explain the how, but also dive into the why of common security practices.
    By Mason Egger Security Tech Talks
  • Book

    How To Build a Website With HTML eBook

    Download the Complete eBook! How To Build a Website With HTML eBook in EPUB format How To Build a Website With HTML eBook eBook in PDF format If you are…
    By Erin Glass HTML
  • Tutorial

    How To Add v-model Support to Custom Vue.js Components

    The v-model directive is one of the few directives that comes bundled with Vue.js. This directive allows for two-way data binding between our data and views. In this article, you'll explore how this directive works an...
    By Samuel Oloruntoba JavaScript Vue.js
  • Tutorial

    How To Add Two-Way Data Binding to Custom Components in Vue.js

    While the v-model directive is a powerful asset to add two-way data binding in vanilla Vue.js components, support for custom components isn't as exercised. In this article, you will learn about how to add the v-model...
    By Joshua Bemenderfer Vue.js
  • Tutorial

    How To Use the ng-container Element in Angular

    ng-container is an element available in Angular 2+ that can act as the host to structural directives. In this article, you will explore scenarios that can be addressed with ng-container.
    By Alligator.io Angular
  • Tech talk

    Open-Sourced Deep Learning With Intel's OpenVINO

    Discover ways to contribute to the future of deep learning. See what it takes to build a sustainable, open-sourced deep learning inference platform for everyone.
    By Open Source Tech Talks
  • Tutorial

    How To Use the res Object in Express

    The res object in Express.js lets you send and control the HTTP response that you send back over the network. In this article, you will learn about the res object in Express.
    By William Le
  • Tutorial

    How To Prevent Line Breaks Using CSS

    In this tutorial prevent line breaks using CSS's white-space property. You will achieve this using three different configurations
    By Alligator.io CSS HTML
  • Tutorial

    Understanding Queries in GraphQL

    In this tutorial, we'll take an in-depth look at queries in GraphQL so that you better understand how to retrieve data from a GraphQL server. We will cover fields, arguments, aliases, operation syntax, and more. Once ...
    By Peter Ekene API GraphQL
  • Tutorial

    JavaScript Reserved Keywords

    A list of reserved keywords in JavaScript.
    By Alligator.io JavaScript
  • Tutorial

    How To Replace All Instances of a String in JavaScript

    Replacing text in strings is a common task in JavaScript. In this article you'll look at using replace and regular expressions to replace text.
    By Chris On Code JavaScript
  • Tutorial

    Cheat Sheet: npm vs Yarn Commands

    Here's a handy reference for npm and Yarn commands that you can use to refresh your memory or to help you in moving from one package manager to the other.
    By William Le
  • Tutorial

    DigitalOcean's Technical Writing Guidelines

    DigitalOcean is excited to continue building out its collection of technical articles related to server administration and software engineering. To keep the DigitalOcean community unified and to ensure that articles f...
    By Hazel Virdó, Brian Hogan DigitalOcean Articles Write for DO
  • Tutorial

    Cheatsheet: Angular CLI Reference

    A quick post to help you master the Angular CLI and use it to its full capacity.
    By Alligator.io Angular
  • Tutorial

    Gatsby CLI Quick Reference

    Gatsby's CLI is a critical tool for both the development and deployment processes. Here is a quick reference guide to help learn the available commands.
    By Daniel Stout
  • Tutorial

    How to Rewrite URLs with mod_rewrite for Apache on Ubuntu 20.04

    Apache's modrewrite module lets you redirect URLs based on additional conditions, or rewrite URLs in a cleaner fashion, translating human-readable paths into code-friendly query string. In this tutorial, you'll enable...
    By Mateusz Papiernik, Brian Hogan Ubuntu 20.04 Apache