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Open-source software is any program which makes its source code freely available to anyone to review, modify, and share.

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  • Tech talk

    QUIC & HTTP/3: Open Standards and Open Source Code

    This talk is intended to help jumpstart anyone with an interest in Web or Internet communications on the exciting new protocols QUIC and HTTP/3. It attempts to shed light on the sometimes-confusing world of Internet s...
    By Lucas Pardue Tech Talks Open Source Networking
  • Tech talk

    Getting Into Open Source for Fun & Profit

    A panel discussion about how developers and organizations can balance open source work with commercial work – and generate income for both yourself and your company.
    By Helen Scott, Paul Everitt, Phil Nash, and Trisha Gee Tech Talks Open Source
  • Tech talk

    Open-Sourced Deep Learning With Intel's OpenVINO

    Discover ways to contribute to the future of deep learning. See what it takes to build a sustainable, open-sourced deep learning inference platform for everyone.
    By Raymond Lo, Zoe Cayetano Open Source Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    Tips for Contributing to Open Source With GitHub

    A rundown of GitHub Developer Advocate Brian Douglas' favorite tips to make your life easier as a project maintainer and future contributor.
    By Brian Douglas Tech Talks Open Source
  • Tech talk

    Getting the Most Out of Open Source

    How to have happy, productive, and meaningful interactions with the open source community.
    By Nick Taylor Tech Talks Open Source
  • Tech talk

    Level Up as an Open Source Contributor

    Git tips and tricks for preparing and submitting great pull requests.
    By Lorna Mitchell Tech Talks Open Source
  • Tech talk

    You Can Be a Kubernetes Contributor Too!

    How to address the initial hurdles of making contributions to Kubernetes and feel more confident in tackling tasks and making connections within the Kubernetes community.
    By Jeremy Morris Tech Talks Open Source Kubernetes
  • Tech talk

    Scaling an Open Source Web App to 30 Countries in Less Than 3 Weeks

    How 157 people from all over the world built and scaled — an open source web application that enables people to self-report symptoms of COVID-19 — using DigitalOcean’s infrastructure.
    By Michael McMillan deploy 2020 Tech Talks Open Source Startups
  • Tech talk

    Begin Accepting Online Payments in Just 15 Minutes Using Stripe Sample and DigitalOcean

    How to quickly set up and accept payments for your business using Stripe Sample – an open source, end-to-end code example — on DigitalOcean.
    By CJ Avilla Payments Open Source Stripe Tech Talks deploy 2020