Chef is a configuration management tool that automates managing infrastructure as code. It uses Ruby and collects configuration details into what it calls “recipes”.

featured tutorialConfiguration Management 101: Writing Chef Recipes
This tutorial will walk you through the process of automating server provisioning using Chef, a powerful configuratio...

Erika Heidi • Published on June 29, 2016 · Updated on March 12, 2020

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    • Question

      Override Attributes during Run Time in Chef

      I want to change my attribute value dynamically during run time . Ex. attribute:foo: ‘Hello’Now I want to change value of key ‘foo’ to ‘World’. So is there any way to do that?Please help.
      No answers yet1 year agoBy khandelwaltanay2311Chef
    • Question

      Using Chef to create droplets

      Is there a way I can use Chef Workstation to create droplets?I’ve found and tried to install digital_ocean knife plugin but I got an error (I also read that plugin isn’t supported anymore)So, is there another recommen...
      1 answer2 years agoBy woldorfDigitalOceanChef
    • Tutorial

      Configuration Management 101: Writing Chef Recipes

      This tutorial will walk you through the process of automating server provisioning using Chef, a powerful configuration management tool that leverages the Ruby programming language to automate infrastructure administra...
      2 years agoBy Erika HeidiChefConfiguration ManagementGetting Started
    • Question

      Migrating to a Scalable Wordpress Solution

      TLDR; I want to manage and configure multiple LEMP stacks with Terraform and Chef/Ansible to host WordPress sites without losing the data when a droplet is destroyed. Here are the questions that I am looking to have a...
      Accepted Answer: (Some mistakes were made in this reply, see comments that follow it) Hello friend! That sounds like a lot of fun any way you spin it. I’m going to do my best to provide answers to what I can, and hope that others feel...
      2 answers4 years agoBy Curtis FisherWordPressNginxChefTerraformDockerMySQLBlock StorageUbuntu
    • Question

      Digitalocean and Docker workflow - how to make the most of it?

      Hello, I am making an eCommerce solution utilising django and docker. I want to know the best routes to best utilise docker with digitalocean and how to avoid all draw backs. I want to make a complete workflow based o...
      1 answer4 years agoBy throwawayDockerDjangoPythonKubernetesCI/CDAPIAnsibleChefUbuntu 16.04Ubuntu
    • Question

      Problems Uploading to WebServer

      Hello Community, My very first post here - my first foray into Chef. I have been using the following document: Automating Azure virtual machine deployment with Chef
      2 answers5 years agoBy Carlton PattersonChef
    • Question

      Removing droplets

      Created 21 days ago: Good afternoon! We mistakenly attached the wrong card. Please unsubscribe card so that we can make a payment (Unpin the card from our account). Why do we invoices in the invoice VAT? We are not th...
      2 answers5 years agoBy a69eb50ee62519aDigitalOceanBackupsChefMiscellaneous
    • Question

      Why would one create a multitude of recipes, versus a cookbook with 1 default recipe?

      what is cookbook? Meaning of 1 default recipe? How to create a recipe in CentOs or in Ubuntu?
      1 answer5 years agoBy hrishChefDeploymentCentOSUbuntuUbuntu 16.04
    • Question

      Multiple workstation for one chef-server/org

      Hi All , i have a chef server running with a few nodes registered on it . At the moment i have just ONE workstation managing and controlling the nodes with cookbooks written in my chef-repo dir. I have two orther engi...
      1 answer7 years agoBy phelunChefRubyGit
    • Question

      I finally got it! LEMP and Wordpress, However I have to ask about sftp

      I have followed the tuts on using filezilla to sftp to my droplet, however, i did connect succesfully one time to the root directory, however that is exactly all it was, the root directory ( / ). I am/was unable to br...
      1 answer7 years agoBy James BarlowWordPressConfiguration ManagementSystem ToolsChefLEMPUbuntu
    • Question

      Is it possible to create custom OS Template / Image ?

      Hi,Can I create custom OS Template / Image on Digital Ocean where it should have pre-installed some packages on my need. ie; A OS Template with already installed OpenVPN. So I just create a new droplet with my custom ...
      1 answer7 years agoBy skumarVPNChefCentOS
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      Flexiant Concerto

      The fastest way to automate and deploy applications on any cloud
      7 years agoBy Simon FreedmanChefConfiguration ManagementScalingDNSAPI
    • Question

      Chef 12: any cher-server-ctl <command> returns connection reset by peer - ssl_connect

      Hey… Its my first time using chef. so i followed step by step too install it using this tutorial.
      2 answers7 years agoBy xperience02Chef
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up a Chef 12 Configuration Management System on Ubuntu 14.04 Servers

      As your infrastructure requirements expand, managing each server by hand becomes an increasingly difficult task. This difficulty is compounded by the requirement for reproducibility, which becomes necessary if a node ...
      7 years agoBy Justin EllingwoodConfiguration ManagementChefUbuntu
    • Tutorial

      How To Automatically Add New Droplets to your Configuration Management System

      In this guide, we will demonstrate how to bootstrap a DigitalOcean server using the metadata service and CloudInit to connect to an existing configuration management deployment. The actual configuration of the server ...
      7 years agoBy Justin EllingwoodAPIChefConfiguration Management
    • Tutorial

      How To Manage Your Cluster with Chef and Knife on Ubuntu

      knife is a command line tool packaged with Chef. You’ve likely already used knife to create and manage Chef cookbooks, data bags, or roles. This guide will introduce you to some new knife subcommands for issuing comma...
      8 years agoBy Nik WakelinChefConfiguration ManagementDigitalOceanUbuntu
    • Tutorial

      How To Use the DigitalOcean Plugin for Knife to Manage Droplets in Chef

      In this article, we will discuss how to use a plugin for knife, the Chef configuration tool, to work with your DigitalOcean droplets. Using this tool, we can create infrastructure droplets and configure them easily fr...
      8 years agoBy Justin EllingwoodChefDigitalOcean
    • Tutorial

      How To Use Roles and Environments in Chef to Control Server Configurations

      In previous guides, we discussed Chef terminology, how to install a Chef server, workstation, and node (with Chef 12 or Chef 11), and how to create simple cookbooks to manage configuration. In this guide, we will cont...
      8 years agoBy Justin EllingwoodChefConfiguration Management
    • Tutorial

      How To Create Simple Chef Cookbooks to Manage Infrastructure on Ubuntu

      In this article, we will discuss the basics of creating a Chef cookbook. Cookbooks are the configuration units that allow us to configure and perform specific tasks within Chef on our remote nodes. We will build cookb...
      8 years agoBy Justin EllingwoodConfiguration ManagementChefNginxUbuntu
    • Tutorial

      How to Install a Chef Server, Workstation, and Client on Ubuntu VPS Instances

      In this guide, we will work to install one Chef server used to store configuration data and administer access rights. This will serve as a hub for our other machines. We will also install a workstation that will allow...
      8 years agoBy Justin EllingwoodChefConfiguration ManagementGitUbuntu