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    Striving to Make Customers Successful is Always a Win-Win Strategy

    A dose of inspiration from award-winning customer success and support executive Danielle Fisher on helping your customers succeed.
    By Danielle Fisher Lightning Talks deploy 2020 Customer Success
  • Question

    First-Project erstellen

    Hallo Wir haben gerade unser erstes Projekt erstellt. Jedoch kommt der Schritt, Get Started auf dem Balken nicht.. Haben schon 30 Minuten gewartet. Kommt der noch oder lief das was schief ? Lieben Dank Ivan Ulrich
    2 By ivanulrich77 Customer Success
  • Question

    Digital Ocean Engineers, do you not know how damaging the UCEPROTECTL3 issue is for your business

    Seriously, do you managers and engineers not know how bad things are regarding all your IP's being blocked on UCEPROTECTL3. I mean seriously. Just read these: https://prog...
    4 By RBee Business Company Culture Customer Success Email Solutions
  • Question

    Digital Ocean VM Droplet Keeps on Disconnecting

    I created an Ubuntu VM Droplet and SSH'ed into it to do a couple of projects and test code, after almost every 5 to 10 minutes, the SSH Session periodically disconnects, why is it so? It is really frustrating, I can't...
    1 By kcelestinomaria127 Development Ubuntu 20.04 Customer Success DigitalOcean Droplets Building on DigitalOcean
  • Question

    Copy and Paste does not work When I SSH into my Digital Ocean Ubuntu VM Droplet

    Hello everyone, I am running a Digital Ocean Ubuntu 20.04 Server through my terminal on Windows Powershell, and when I try to paste copied text or commands onto the terminal in order to execute a command, it does not ...
    1 By kcelestinomaria127 Ubuntu 20.04 Building on DigitalOcean DigitalOcean Droplets Customer Success Development
  • Question

    Whitelist ip range

    since 1st of June our employee aren't able to access the application hosted on Digital Ocean we need to whitelist our ip ranges to able our employee to access the application [9:02 AM] Malhotra, Akshay okay, now your ...
    1 By rsmacedo Customer Success
  • Question

    Unable to create support ticket I get this error when trying to create a support ticket: [{"message":"Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, Exte...
    1 By spencerbevi Customer Success