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  • Tutorial

    How To Set Up Visual Studio Code (VS Code) for PHP Development

    Visual Studio Code, also known as VS Code, is a free source code editor software or IDE (integrated development environment) available for all major operating systems. With a large collection of extensions for many pr...
    By Erika Heidi PHP VS Code Development Developer Education
  • Tech talk

    Creating Inclusive Learning Experiences

    Best practices for researching, writing, publishing, and sharing inclusive learning materials for all skill levels.
    By Lyn Muldrow Developer Education Tech Talks deploy 2020
  • Question

    How to develop an extension for our site?

    I was trying to build a browser extension for my website. But I am unable to code the required manifest. Please help me to create an extension for my site.
    1 By sahilforyou534 Developer Education
  • Question

    Why my website is not loading images ?

    I have uploaded a static website through Filezilla on a new droplet and has installed Apache as a server. Whereas all the site is functioning properly some of the images are not showing up. The console is showing 404 ...
    1 By admatemail Deployment DigitalOcean Developer Education
  • Question

    How much server cost for Exam Conducting App?

    how much server cost if 500 concurrent students attend exam through Android App for 30 min for 5 times in a month?
    1 By ramesh3584r Developer Education
  • Question

    Package Measurements for Online Radio Station

    If I take the very beginning droplet and install Azuracast or Shoutcast and run the stream at 128kbps/192kbps/320kbps then how many listers can listen live? I need to calculate with these three different bit rates. Th...
    2 By mohsinworld Getting Started Block Storage Building on DigitalOcean Developer Education