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    Did DigitalOcean add a quota to their container registry?

    I keep getting "denied: quota exceeded" when trying to push to our registry. They previously mentioned their plan to add a quota in the future, but nothing on the product page hints at such being present as of right n...
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Indeed as @markwilx mentioned there are now 3 plans available. You can find more information about the plans here: On the same page, under the Lates...
    1 By HappyGrayRay DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
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    Issues with do docker registry - 403 errors when building docker images from a gitlab pipeline Job

    Hi, I am having some intermitting issues building and pushing docker images (via CI gitlab job) I am encountering this error: ``` error checking push permissions -- make sure you entered the correct tag name, and th...
    Accepted Answer: I was able to resolve my issue by creating a new pool for my k8s cluster and removing the old pool. But I am not able to understand what caused this issue
    2 By ziiied DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR) Kubernetes
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    Deploy Error: Health Checks when deploying container image to the App platform.

    Hi, I'm facing trouble deploying my container image to the App platform. I test with a hello-world flask app with uwsgi My Dockerfile settings: ``` FROM tiangolo/uwsgi-nginx-flask:python3.8-alpine RUN apk --update ad...
    0 By zkid18 DigitalOcean App Platform Container DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR) Flask
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    Unable to login to registry via `doctl registry login` - docker-credential-doctl executable not found

    I am using doctl version 1.57.0: ``` doctl version doctl version 1.57.0-release Git commit hash: 497c900 ``` I installed doctl using the GitHub download method for Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). When I run the command to log i...
    1 By callan1 Docker DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR) DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl)
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    Kubernetes cluster can't pull images from Container Registry

    I created a new container registry, but the k8s cluster isn't allowed to pull images from it. Failed to pull image "": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = ...
    1 By JohannesKlauss DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes Kubernetes DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
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    Push an image to DigitalOcean through Bitbucket pipelines

    I try to push an image to DigitalOcean through bitbucket pipelines but I have a problem with doctl ``` image: atlassian/default-image:2 pipelines: branches: stage: - step: name: Deploy to registr...
    1 By SmallAquaFish DigitalOcean API and CLI (doctl) Deployment DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
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    How to setup automatic deployments from DO registry to Apps platform

    I was following the tutorial on But ran into some issues, when i push a new image to the container registry the app platform does not automa...
    3 By mihkel195 DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR) DigitalOcean App Platform
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    Has anyone successfully pushed images to a DO Container Registry with Kaniko?

    I've been trying to get Kaniko to push to our DO container registry. Our dev team can do it normally but when I try running Kaniko I end up receiving a 401 unauthorized error. Using docker to push to the registry wor...
    0 By vatar DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR) Docker
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    App is still running old docker image after successful deployment

    My App is probably still running on an old docker image although I have pushed a newer images to the DO registry and the registry is also showing the correct SHA256 image ID. I’ve successfully deployed the App a few ...
    2 By rgnrlbrk DigitalOcean App Platform Docker DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
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    Container Registry Authentication Failed

    I'm using the following command in my GitLab pipeline but it always returns that it cannot authenticate. I tried it on my local CLI but still fails. I'm using the following command. docker login -u <Access Token Name>...
    1 By arianlopezc DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
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    Using DO k8s container registry: authentication required - gitactions

    I am deploying to digitalocean kubernetes using gitactions. I am also using the container registry on digitalocean. I keep getting the error unauthorized: authentication required when I try to push the docker image. ...
    1 By davidessienshare DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR) GitHub Actions
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    Is it possible to use Github Container Registry instead of DOCR to create a new App?

    I would like to push my docker images to GH container registry and then have the app spec file reference a GH hosted image. Is this even possible? If so could you provide a sample spec file please?
    1 By Armanm DigitalOcean App Platform Docker DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
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    How to create a kubernetes deployment with a Digital Ocean image

    I have an image uploaded in DigitalOcean's container registry. Via command line, how do I create a Kubernetes deployment using this image? The full registry name is:
    1 By karthik050619 Kubernetes DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
  • Question

    Push Image to DigitalOcean through Bitbucket Pipelines

    I work with bitbucket pipelines and want to push an Image to DigitalOcean registry through them. Although I am logged in using - docker build . -t $IMAGE_NAME -f build/Dockerfile - docker login -u $REGISTRY_TOKEN -p ...
    0 By SmallAquaFish Docker Deployment DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
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    Claimed Storage of DOCR climbs with every image push

    I got four images that I push to my DOCR when deploying a new version. They accumulate a space of ~1.3GB. For now I am tagging the images with latest because I am just trying out DO. But for some reason, with each pus...
    3 By JohannesKlauss DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
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    Does container registry support image retention

    Hello guys, we just started using digital ocean container registry to store our images builded by our CI/CD pipeline. We build image on every push to repository for every branch, and then push the image to container ...
    3 By robinAngler DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR)
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    How to create a new registry, "subscription tier slug" issue

    As following tutorials i would like to create registry in digital ocean. I do: ➜ do-kube-cluster-fra1 doctl registry login -t "XXXXXXXXXX" --output json Logging Docker in to {"errors":[{"de...
    1 By maathor42 Container DigitalOcean Container Registry (DOCR) Needs Product Answer