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  • Tech talk

    Pain-Free Quarterly Planning for Product & Engineering Teams

    Tools to engage and align your entire team in your quarterly goal-setting and planning process.
    By Antonio Rosales & John Gannon Tech Talks Product Development Product Management Team Management
  • Tech talk

    Developing for Developers – Path to Fame, Money, and Happiness

    Opportunities for technologists to create developer-focused businesses; plus advantages to building them on DigitalOcean.
    By Raman Sharma Tech Talks deploy 2020 Startups Product Development Building a SaaS Building on DigitalOcean
  • Tech talk

    Happiness First: Ways to Develop Products in Record Time

    This talk helps startups stay away from over-engineering in the early stages of their projects by describing methods for keeping both people and businesses happy.
    By Nikita Savrov Building a SaaS deploy 2020 Tech Talks Startups Product Development
  • Tech talk

    Focus: The Art & Science of Not Doing Things

    How the Ghost team says no to things that add complexity in the face of overwhelming advice that doing so would lead to failure.
    By John O'Nolan Tech Talks deploy 2020 CMS Ghost Product Development Building a SaaS
  • Tech talk

    Why Should You Care About Your Customer's Journey?

    Rafael Mojica, VP of User Experience at DigitalOcean, guides you through the benefits of understanding and minding your customers' journeys. Using data and design-driven techniques, Mojica shows efficient ways to plot...
    By Rafael Mojica deploy 2020 Tech Talks User Experience Product Development Product Management