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  • Tech talk

    Build a Fullstack App With Strapi and Next.js

    Build an API and frontend in less than an hour using Strapi as your backend and Next.js as your frontend.
    By Chris Sev Next.js Strapi Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    Building Custom APIs With Strapi

    Let's build a custom API – quickly! Using Strapi, a Node CMS, we can create our own APIs in very little time without having to write Node code, from a clean dashboard. Get up and running with a REST API or GraphQL API.
    By Chris Sev API Tech Talks Strapi CMS
  • Tech talk

    Consuming a Custom API With React

    Learn how to build a custom API with Strapi, an open-source Node CMS, and consume that API with JavaScript and React.
    By Chris Sev API Tech Talks React Strapi
  • Tech talk

    Sailing Through a Sea of CMS: Build and Extend APIs Faster With Strapi

    What makes a good CMS, what to consider when choosing one, and an introduction to Strapi, an open source node.js headless CMS.
    By Daniel Madalitso Phiri deploy 2020 Tech Talks CMS Strapi
  • Question

    Impossible to add Strapi plugin like documentation and graphql on Strapi Droplet.

    Hello i need to install those 2 plugins but i have en error of server. maybe do you have a trick to unlock this capability? Thnaks
    Accepted Answer: Hi there, Can you share the exact error that you get when you try to install the plugins? There are not really any restrictions on the DigitalOcean side. Usually, it should work by following these steps here: Go to Ge...
    1 By drloic Strapi
  • Question

    Rebuild static website on content change

    I have a Strapi CMS and Gridsome static website as 2 components on App platform. Is there a way to rebuild the static website on change using Strapi's webhooks?
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @stfnnklc, It looks like that a similar question has been discussed previously here ( What you could do is use the Digit...
    1 By stfnnklc Strapi DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    How to setup nginx with subdomain only

    Hey all, All of this is very new to me, I'm a junior frontend developer trying to learn more about well everything... and I've gotten a bit stuck with nginx as I've never used it before. I have been following tutoria...
    Accepted Answer: Hi @yedroj92, You'll need to configure Nginx as a reverse proxy for your domain. Don't worry though, it's not that hard. In your Nginx configuration file for your subdomain - , you can add the foll...
    1 By yedroj92 Nginx Strapi Networking
  • Question

    Docker Strapi on Droplet - Content type and admin users disappears after a while

    Hi everyone, I have been trying for a while to set up a small droplet with a docker Strapi CMS using docker mongodb. For this i am using docker-compose and it seems to work great. I can make it run and access it like...
    Accepted Answer: I finally figured it out! Unfortunately it happened because of an automatic script hacking my MongoDB database. In the docker-compose above i am exposing port 27017, and apparently the script takes advantage of that. ...
    2 By michaelandersen93 Docker Strapi MongoDB DigitalOcean Droplets DigitalOcean
  • Question

    How to access index.js on NextJS/Strapi

    Hi, I am new to digital ocean/strapi and NextJS! I have created a strapi droplet and created a nextjs app. I can access strapi fine straight from the ip address, but cannot see how to access the nextjs app index.js....
    Accepted Answer: Hi, Thanks for the response. The answer turns our to be straight forward. When the Strapi droplet is created, port 3000 (used for NextJS) is blocked. So all that is needed is to open the port using 'ufw allow 3000'...
    2 By netsidedeveloper Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    Are you going to record it?

    Hello! I'd like to attend but I can't due to my job. Are you going to record it and publish it later to see it deferred? Thanks!
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @javierlatorrep, Yes, there will be a recording of the talk, and you will be able to find the video on the same page. I hope that this helps! Regards, Bobby
    2 By javierlatorrep Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    Build always stuck at Adding label 'io.buildpacks.project.metadata' with no other error messages

    My build of strapi is always so slow that it always stuck at "Adding label 'io.buildpacks.project.metadata'" with no other error messages [talentlabs-cms] [2021-10-14 17:16:05] => Uploading the built Docker image to t...
    1 By learn Strapi
  • Question

    Can't deploy Strapi

    I've been trying to deploy Strapi on DigitalOcean's App platform (not Droplet) for about 72 hours. I keep getting the following error: - Build Error: Non-Zero Exit From the build logs... - warning url-loader@1.1.2: In...
    1 By turtlefeet Strapi Deployment DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    Too many redirect with Nginx and subdomain

    Hi! I'm completely new to Nginx and followed DigitalOcean's tutorial on how to set it up with LetsEncrypt! I must have done something wrong though because I am getting a ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS message when navigating ...
    1 By TGP Nginx Strapi DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Question

    Manage PostgreSQL Error: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections. sorry, too many clients already

    I explored DigitalOceans Managed Databases particularly PostgreSQL as a means to simplify development and save time although I found that very frequently there would be the following error: Error: remaining connecti...
    1 By michaelstokes93Coral DigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL Database PostgreSQL Node.js Strapi Databases
  • Question

    what happened to Strapi One-Click Option from DO?

    I'm getting a not found?
    1 By webpapi Strapi
  • Question

    At the moment when the gatsby build occurs, the url of the site does not work

    I use Strapi cms and Gatsby, when the content changes, I get a rebuild Gatsby and at the time of rebuild the url site does not work and when the rebuild ends everything starts working correctly. can anyone come across...
    0 By glosukraine GatsbyJS Strapi Nginx
  • Question

    How to set up Mailjet with Strapi on DigitalOcean

    I have developed an API with Strapi, that works with Mailjet to send transactional and marketing (newsletter) emails. On development mode (local) is working correctly, as i subscribe with an email, it goes to the corr...
    1 By joncake API CMS Strapi
  • Question

    Strapi Media Library keeps disappearing

    Hi, I have a Strapi CMS on DigitalOcean and all the uploaded files keep disappearing after some time. I can still see the names of the files, but the actual images/documents are missing. Do you have any idea what coul...
    1 By stfnnklc Strapi
  • Question

    Manually deploy specific component in App Platform

    Hello, I successfully deployed a Stapi app backend and a Next,js front end using App Platform. I am using doctl to manually force a deploy after a change is made in Strapi to regenerate Next.js. On the App Platform da...
    1 By dibarra DigitalOcean App Platform Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    App Platform Website Not Updating with Deploy

    Hi everyone! I have a website that I built in Next JS and I'm hosting it on the App Platform with Strapi for the CMS. When I make updates to the content in Strapi, I can see the changes take affect on my local instan...
    1 By jongauthier DigitalOcean App Platform Next.js Strapi Deployment