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  • Tech talk

    Building Custom APIs With Strapi

    Let's build a custom API – quickly! Using Strapi, a Node CMS, we can create our own APIs in very little time without having to write Node code, from a clean dashboard. Get up and running with a REST API or GraphQL API.
    By Chris Sev API Tech Talks Strapi CMS
  • Tech talk

    Consuming a Custom API With React

    Learn how to build a custom API with Strapi, an open-source Node CMS, and consume that API with JavaScript and React.
    By Chris Sev API Tech Talks React Strapi
  • Tech talk

    Sailing Through a Sea of CMS: Build and Extend APIs Faster With Strapi

    What makes a good CMS, what to consider when choosing one, and an introduction to Strapi, an open source node.js headless CMS.
    By Daniel Madalitso Phiri deploy 2020 Tech Talks CMS Strapi
  • Question

    How can I use https with ssl on strapi droplets

    Hello everyone! I developping a strapi application on DigitalOcean droplet, but when I try to configure my app with ssl certificate and then change the default server on https://... my application become no available...
    2 By claudiopacini Strapi
  • Question

    Strapi one click project. How to manage?

    Hi all! I made Strapi One Click project, it's works perfect. But I need some updates for Strapi.For example, I need access to some files
    1 By sinyakove950 Strapi DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Question

    About project Strapi droplet to Digital Ocean

    Hello everyone, I am new to Digital Ocean, I just bought a 2GB droplet to put my front-end (nextjs) and backend (strapi) project, what I want to know is how many more projects can I add to the droplet, because I want ...
    3 By ridhunter1508 Strapi DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Question

    Enable CORS (One-Click Strapi)

    Hello, CORS Blocks my HTTP request from other servers... I bought an (Strapi One-Click Server), I can make http request to it from PostMan, but when I tryed with my other Droplet with (reactjs app) it trows CORS error...
    1 By sronnieb React Strapi
  • Question

    Strapi droplet is not secure(using only http) causing an error to login

    I created a website using 'Gatsby.js' and tried to use Strapi droplet which is hosted in digitalocean. However after I added all the data to the backend and tried to log in my website, I see this error and can't log i...
    1 By izzyangelworld Strapi DigitalOcean Droplets Security
  • Question

    I set up a domain, but my server's assets are still being served over an IP.. why?

    Hi all, As the title mentions. I set up Strapi and was able to get my domain working, plus SSL. When I visit my domain, the site loads, but all images are broken (http://ipaddress/images/image.png) and all links still...
    1 By luciyer Strapi Nginx Let's Encrypt