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  • Tech talk

    Build a Fullstack App With Strapi and Next.js

    Build an API and frontend in less than an hour using Strapi as your backend and Next.js as your frontend.
    By Chris Sev Next.js Strapi Tech Talks
  • Tech talk

    Building Custom APIs With Strapi

    Let's build a custom API – quickly! Using Strapi, a Node CMS, we can create our own APIs in very little time without having to write Node code, from a clean dashboard. Get up and running with a REST API or GraphQL API.
    By Chris Sev API Tech Talks Strapi CMS
  • Tech talk

    Consuming a Custom API With React

    Learn how to build a custom API with Strapi, an open-source Node CMS, and consume that API with JavaScript and React.
    By Chris Sev API Tech Talks React Strapi
  • Tech talk

    Sailing Through a Sea of CMS: Build and Extend APIs Faster With Strapi

    What makes a good CMS, what to consider when choosing one, and an introduction to Strapi, an open source node.js headless CMS.
    By Daniel Madalitso Phiri deploy 2020 Tech Talks CMS Strapi
  • Question

    How to access index.js on NextJS/Strapi

    Hi, I am new to digital ocean/strapi and NextJS! I have created a strapi droplet and created a nextjs app. I can access strapi fine straight from the ip address, but cannot see how to access the nextjs app index.js....
    Accepted Answer: Hi, Thanks for the response. The answer turns our to be straight forward. When the Strapi droplet is created, port 3000 (used for NextJS) is blocked. So all that is needed is to open the port using 'ufw allow 3000'...
    2 By netsidedeveloper Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    Are you going to record it?

    Hello! I'd like to attend but I can't due to my job. Are you going to record it and publish it later to see it deferred? Thanks!
    Accepted Answer: Hi there @javierlatorrep, Yes, there will be a recording of the talk, and you will be able to find the video on the same page. I hope that this helps! Regards, Bobby
    2 By javierlatorrep Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    At each deploy the database is overwritten with Strapi

    Hi, i have app by App Platform. It has components: Nuxt.js (static), Strapi and DB. I set the correct environment variables for DB. Strapi code is based on git repository. At each deploy data of Strapi is overwritten ...
    1 By lam4ik611 Strapi Vue.js DigitalOcean App Platform
  • Question

    how to upgrade my one-click strapi project version

    I want to upgrade my one-click Strapi project version and I don't know how I can do it
    1 By douglasmohmd DigitalOcean CMS Strapi
  • Question

    I connected my subdomain from GoDaddy to DO droplet but it gives SSL error when I try to visit it

    I added an A record in Godaddy to point to my DO droplet that runs Strapi CMS and that works, but when I try to access ( I get Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead...
    1 By milos5593 Nginx Strapi
  • Question

    How can I use https with ssl on strapi droplets

    Hello everyone! I developping a strapi application on DigitalOcean droplet, but when I try to configure my app with ssl certificate and then change the default server on https://... my application become no available...
    2 By claudiopacini Strapi
  • Question

    Will there be other times offered?

    I can not attend at the 11:00 time. Will it be offered at a later time? Thanks, Brian
    2 By brianfc4ce32db9 Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    Comments do not work

    1) The link in the email for this event for Google Calendar is wrong. It points to the February 17th instead of February 10th 2) Comments here do not work
    2 By alekseybykov Strapi Next.js
  • Question

    React App not reading Strapi when deployed on DigitalOcean

    I have deployed a test React App that suppose to fetch Strapi API also deployed on DigitalOcean with axis, but it is not render...
    1 By learntocodewithus API React Strapi
  • Question

    Enable CORS (One-Click Strapi)

    Hello, CORS Blocks my HTTP request from other servers... I bought an (Strapi One-Click Server), I can make http request to it from PostMan, but when I tryed with my other Droplet with (reactjs app) it trows CORS error...
    1 By sronnieb React Strapi
  • Question

    Strapi one click project. How to manage?

    Hi all! I made Strapi One Click project, it's works perfect. But I need some updates for Strapi.For example, I need access to some files
    1 By sinyakove950 Strapi DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Question

    About project Strapi droplet to Digital Ocean

    Hello everyone, I am new to Digital Ocean, I just bought a 2GB droplet to put my front-end (nextjs) and backend (strapi) project, what I want to know is how many more projects can I add to the droplet, because I want ...
    3 By ridhunter1508 Strapi DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Question

    Strapi droplet is not secure(using only http) causing an error to login

    I created a website using 'Gatsby.js' and tried to use Strapi droplet which is hosted in digitalocean. However after I added all the data to the backend and tried to log in my website, I see this error and can't log i...
    3 By izzyangelworld Strapi DigitalOcean Droplets Security
  • Question

    I set up a domain, but my server's assets are still being served over an IP.. why?

    Hi all, As the title mentions. I set up Strapi and was able to get my domain working, plus SSL. When I visit my domain, the site loads, but all images are broken (http://ipaddress/images/image.png) and all links still...
    1 By luciyer Strapi Nginx Let's Encrypt