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  • Tech talk

    Why Should You Care About Your Customer's Journey?

    Rafael Mojica, VP of User Experience at DigitalOcean, guides you through the benefits of understanding and minding your customers' journeys. Using data and design-driven techniques, Mojica shows efficient ways to plot...
    By Rafael Mojica deploy 2020 Tech Talks User Experience Product Development Product Management
  • Question

    creating a mysql dedicated user to either manage database locally or remotely on ubuntu 20.04

    I have been following this (tutorial keenly and doesn't even allow me even create a user who can manage database locally. I'm gett...
    1 By samunyi90 Ubuntu 20.04 MySQL User Experience
  • Question

    Blank web dashboard

    I can't see anything but white page after logging in the web dashboard. I tried to reset my browser's cache and still no luck. I opened the browser's dev console and found out that few assets from https://ui-aurora-cd...
    2 By kevinorge Control Panels User Experience
  • Question


    I was doing the same I always do to enrol myself in my university classes. It's an ssh user@server program, what ever that means. Then from one day to another I received this error: "User:~ user$ ssh server @@@@@@@@@...
    1 By jeremymorales1 User Experience Miscellaneous
  • Question

    Sudo non-root and root user merging of a droplet?

    Hi, so I've created a root user and non-root user for a droplet (non-root user has sudo privileges). Is there a command I can run to "sync" the two users up? I.e., I have a github directory I installed as the root use...
    1 By j93hahn DigitalOcean Droplets User Experience
  • Question

    Do you Guys Going to have servers in Saudi Arabia?

    Hey I really want to know if you guys are going to add KSA servers Because I am living there and all the servers are Laggy for me even Germany and India servers are Laggy if yes.. when will it be added?
    2 By apoda980 User Experience Ubuntu 20.04 Initial Server Setup Server Optimization
  • Question

    Can we have an access to individual Spaces?

    Is it possible to generate API tokens and keys for individual Spaces? Right now, one API key gives you access to everything. The only workaround possible I see is to create a new team, which will create a lot of wor...
    1 By flywithme DigitalOcean Spaces User Experience Team Management
  • Question

    Can I create multiple Droplet IPv4 address or can have one IP for each Droplet?

    Can I create multiple Droplet IPv4 address or can have one IP for each Droplet? I mean additional IPv4 public IP
    1 By shellaaaron12038 DigitalOcean Droplets User Experience
  • Question

    How to export project to local site?

    How to export project and database to local site?
    1 By yarik050829272 Backups User Experience