Core Java Tutorial

Published on August 3, 2022


Core Java Tutorial

Welcome to Core Java Tutorial. I have written a lot on Core Java and Java EE frameworks. There was no index post for Core Java tutorial and I used to get emails asking to make one so that any beginner can follow them and learn core java programming. Finally, I got time and here I am listing all the core java tutorial related posts that I think will help you in learning core java in no time. This list is updated till Java-10 and soon it will be updated with the latest changes in Java-11 and beyond.

Core Java Tutorial

core java tutorial These core java tutorial assume that you have some basic knowledge of programming. These core java tutorial posts are not for someone who doesn’t know if-else blocks or for-loop etc. So why waste any more time, just read them in the below order and learn core java programming. If you think you know all about Java, just scroll below and read tutorials in “Advanced Topics” section, I am sure you will find something worth reading.

Core Java Tutorial - Getting Started

  1. Setting up Java in Windows OS
  2. Writing your First Java Program
  3. Java Method
  4. Constructor in Java
  5. Java Access Modifiers - public, protected, private and default
  6. Java for loop
  7. Java while loop
  8. Java do while loop
  9. Java static keyword
  10. Java break keyword
  11. Java continue keyword

Core Java Tutorial - Object Oriented Concepts

  1. OOPS Concepts
  2. Composition in Java
  3. Inheritance in Java
  4. Composition vs Inheritance in Java
  5. Java Nested Classes

Core Java Tutorial - Data Types and Operators

  1. Java Data Types, Primitives and Binary Literals
  2. Java Autoboxing and Unboxing
  3. Java Wrapper Classes
  4. Java Ternary Operator

Core Java Tutorial - Interface, Abstract Class

  1. Abstract Class in Java
  2. Interface in Java
  3. Difference between Abstract Class and Interface in Java

Core Java Tutorial - String Manipulation

  1. Why String is immutable and final?
  2. Understanding Java String Pool
  3. Java String subsequence example
  4. Java String compareTo example
  5. Java String substring example
  6. Converting String to char and vice versa
  7. Java Split String example
  8. String to byte array and vice versa
  9. String to char array
  10. Java String concatenation
  11. String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder in Java
  12. String Programs in Java

Core Java Tutorial - Arrays

  1. Initializing an Array in Java
  2. Two dimensional array in java
  3. Java Array of ArrayList
  4. String to String Array Example
  5. Java Variable Arguments Explained
  6. Java Array add elements
  7. Sorting an Array in Java
  8. Java String Array to String
  9. Java ArrayList to Array
  10. Converting Array to ArrayList in Java
  11. How to copy arrays in Java

Core Java Tutorial - Annotation and Enum

  1. Java Annotations Tutorial
  2. Java @Override Annotation
  3. Java Enum Example Tutorial

Core Java Tutorial - Collection & Generics

  1. Java Collections Framework Tutorial
  2. Java List
  3. Java ArrayList
  4. Java LinkedList
  5. Java Set
  6. Java HashSet
  7. Java TreeSet
  8. Java Map
  9. Java HashMap
  10. Java SortedMap
  11. Java TreeMap
  12. Java Queue
  13. Java Stack
  14. Java Iterator
  15. Java ListIterator
  16. Java PriorityQueue Example
  17. Priority Queue Java
  18. ArrayList vs CopyOnWriteArrayList
  19. How to avoid ConcurrentModificationException when using an Iterator
  20. Java Generics Example Tutorial

Core Java Tutorial - IO Operations

  1. Create a New File in Java
  2. Delete a File in Java
  3. File separators in Java
  4. Delete a Directory Recursively in Java
  5. Rename and Move a File in Java
  6. Getting File Size in Java
  7. Get File Extension in Java
  8. How to check if File exists in Java
  9. How to check if File is a Directory in Java
  10. How to get File last modified date in Java
  11. Java FileNameFilter example to list specific files
  12. Java File Path, Absolute Path and Canonical Path Explained
  13. How to set File Permissions in Java
  14. 4 ways to copy File in Java
  15. Reading File in Java using BufferedReader, Scanner, Files
  16. Java Scanner Class
  17. Open a File in Java
  18. Read a File to String in Java
  19. Java Read file line by line
  20. How to write a File in Java
  21. How to append data to a File in Java
  22. Converting InputStream to File
  23. Java Random Access File Example
  24. Download File from URL Example
  25. Java GZip Example
  26. Temp Files in Java
  27. Reading a CSV File using Java Scanner Class
  28. Java Property File Example

Core Java Tutorial - Exception Handling

  1. Exception Handling in Java
  2. java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
  3. java.lang.NullPointerException

Core Java Tutorial - MultiThreading and Concurrency

  1. Threads in Java
  2. Thread Life Cycle
  3. Thread Sleep Example
  4. Thread join Example
  5. Thread wait, notify, notifyAll Example
  6. Thread Safety in Java - Synchronization
  7. Java ThreadLocal Example
  8. Java Timer and TimerTask Example
  9. Java Thread Pool Example
  10. Java Callable Future Example
  11. Java FutureTask Example
  12. Java ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor Example
  13. Java Lock Example

Core Java Tutorial - Regular Expressions

  1. Regular Expressions in Java Example Tutorial
  2. Validating Email Address using Regular Expression in Java
  3. Validating Phone Number using Regex in Java

Core Java Reflection API

  1. Java Reflection API Tutorial

Java 7

  1. String in switch case
  2. Try with Resources - Java ARM
  3. Binary Literals in Java
  4. Underscores in Numeric Literals
  5. Catching Multiple Exceptions in a single catch block
  6. Java PosixFilePermission example to set File Permissions

Java 8

  1. Java 8 Features Overview
  2. Java 8 interface changes
  3. Lambda Expressions in Java
  4. Stream API in Java
  5. Java Date Time API Example Tutorial
  6. Java Spliterator

Java 9

  1. Java 9 Features
  2. Java 9 private method in interfaces
  3. Java 9 try-with-resources improvements
  4. Java 9 Optional class improvements
  5. Java 9 Stream API improvements
  6. Java 9 “var” for local variables
  7. Java 9 “_” (underscore) changes
  8. Java 9 Factory Methods for Immutable List
  9. Java 9 Factory Methods for Immutable Set
  10. Java 9 Factory Methods for Immutable Map
  11. Java 9 Modules
  12. Java 9 Module Basics Part 2
  13. Develop Java Module using Command Prompt
  14. Develop Java Module using Eclipse
  15. Develop Java Module using IntelliJ IDEA

Java 10

  1. Java 10 Features
  2. Java 10 Local Variable Type Inference

Java 11

  1. Java 11 Features
  2. 6 New Methods in Java 11 String Class

Core Java Tutorial - Advanced Topics

  1. Java Heap Memory and Stack Memory
  2. Java is Pass by Value and not Pass by Reference
  3. JVM Memory Model and Garbage Collection
  4. Serialization in Java
  5. Java System Class
  6. Internationalization (i18n) in Java
  7. Atomic Operations in Java
  8. Thread Dump in Java
  9. Deadlocks in Java
  10. Sorting Objects in Java
  11. Understanding JDK, JRE and JVM
  12. Java Classloader Example Tutorial
  13. Java clone object

Well, it’s a lot of reading material for core java tutorial. But if you think that I have missed out on something, please go ahead and comment below. I will write something on that and add that to the list. Reference: Oracle JavaSE Tutorial

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